David says win guarantees he'll be back next year

With Art Oberto - Happy 85th Art!
"What this win does is guarantee that I'm going to be with this team for another year," said Steve David at the awards ceremony.
It was David's third straight Seafair win.

PHOTO: David aboard the winning boat


David now leads in High Points

David Campbell of the Madison Courier says Steve David now hold a 197-point lead over Dave Villwock in National High Points

Winner take all final at Seattle: Albert Lee Cup - Steve David wins!

Albert Lee Cup Order of Finish (Unofficial):

  1. 6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  2. 5 Graham Trucking - Jimmy Shane
  3. 1 Spirit of Qatar 96 - Dave Villwock
  4. 21 Albert Lee - Brian Perkins
  5. 9 Seattle Sun Tan - Jon Zimmerman
  6. 88 Degree Men - Scott Liddycoat
  7. 37 Beacon Plumbing - J. Michael Kelly

Scott Liddycoat wins Provisional Heat

The provisional heat winner gets a trailer position in the finals, but a chance to put up points in the season high points totals.  Liddycoat just...barely...edged out...Hopp to win.

Order of Finish:
  1. 88 Scott Liddycoat
  2. 100 Greg Hopp
  3. 11 JW Myers
  4. 17 Jeff Bernard 

Tunnel boats - Go Fast. Turn RIGHT.

Provisional Heat

Draw for Provisional Heat with winner to be the trailer boat in the finals:


PHOTO: Damage to 5 during Heat 3A

5 Graham Trucking reports they were also hit, by both 1 and 6 during heat 3A. 

PHOTO:  Nelsom Holmberg FB Page

More controversy on Heat 3A...

From 6 Oberto FB page: 

According to sources in Seattle, the officials say that we cut the field off on the back stretch before the start. Since this call was made after the heat, and we do have rear cam film showing we did no such thing, they decided to add one minute to our time. The officials have not even came and spoken to the team about this. As you would imagine, several of the team officials are not happy with the call being made, nor the lack thereof of being notified in person. Will keep you up to date on further developments.

BREAKING... Heat 3A official finish revised - multiple penalties

Order of Finish in Heat 3A 
  1. 5 Jimmy Shane
  2. 9 Jon Zimmerman
  3. 11 JW Myers
  4. 100 Greg Hopp
  5. 6 Steve David - ONE MINUTE PENALTY
  6. 1 Dave Villwock - ONE MINUTE PENALTY


Heat 3B at Seattle - Kelly wins

Order of Finish - Unofficial:
  1. 37 J. Michael Kelly
  2. 21 Brian Perkins
  3. 57 Mark Evans
  4. 17 Jeff Bernard
  5. 88 Scott Liddycoat - ONE LAP PENALTY
DNF.  99 Ryan Mallow

Heat 3A at Seattle - David beats Villwock

Order of Finish - unofficial
  1. 6 Steve David
  2. 1 Dave Villwock
  3. 5 Jimmy Shane
  4. 9 Jon Zimmerman
  5. 11 JW Myers
  6. 100 Greg Hopp

Heat 3a should be great!

Heat 3a should be great! David, Villwock, Shane in the same heat. Plus Zimmerman in the 9 boat that has found some real speed this weekend! #H1Unlimited #Hydros

Prizes for heat winners

Albert Lee provided prizes for heat winners in Seattle this year.  Steve David won a refrigerator for winning heat 1A.  Good news since he said his frig is acting up.  Dave Villwock won a nice BBQ for winning heat 1b.  Said it's the biggest prize he's won at Seafair.

PHOTO: Damage to 88 couldn't be fixed in time for heat

Here's what the crew had to fix.  Just not enough time to get it finished.  They gave it a great shot, even getting the boat on the hook for heat 2B... but couldn't get it in the water fast enough.

Heat 2B at Seattle - Shane beats Villwock

Order of Finish - Heat 2B Unofficial
  1. 5 Graham Trucking Jimmy Shane
  2. 1 Spirit of Qatar 96 Dave Villwock
  3. 37 Beacon Plumbing J. Michael Kelly
  4. 21 Miss Albert Lee Appliance Brian Perkins
  5. 99 Miss Fox Plumbing Too Ryan Mallow
DNS. 88 Degree Men Scott Liddycoat

Heat 2A at Seattle - Steve David wins

Order of Finish - Heat 2A - UNOFFICIAL
  1. 6 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
  2. 9 Seattle Suntan presents Sound Propeller Services Jon Zimmerman
  3. 100 Miss Fox Plumbing Greg Hopp
  4. 17 Miss Red Dot Jeff Bernard  
  5. 57 Miss DiJulio Mark Evans 
  6. 11 Acura of Bellevue presents Miss Peters & May JW Myers


No more "U" boats

In case you hadn't noticed, H1Unlimited dropped the "U-" before the number.  Now it's the 1 boat, not the U-1.

Villwock almost didn't run at all Saturday