Steve David wins Heat 1A at Seafair

PHOTO:  H1 Unlimited
Heat 1A Results - Seattle
  1. 6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  2. 9 Seattle Suntan presents Sound Propeller Services - Jon Zimmerman
  3. 37 Beacon Plumbing - J. Michael Kelly  
  4. 57 Miss DiJulio - Mark Evans
  5. 21 Miss Albert Lee Appliance - Brian Perkins 
DNS. 99 Miss Fox Plumbing Too - Ryan Mallow

Dave Villwock wins Heat 1B at Seafair

PHOTO:  Ellstrom Racing
Heat 1B Results at Seattle
  1. 1 Spirit of Qatar 96 - Dave Villwock
  2. 5 Graham Trucking - Jimmy Shane
  3. 88 Degree Men - Scott Liddycoat
  4. 100 Miss Fox Plumbing - Greg Hopp
  5. 11 Acura of Bellevue presents Miss Peters & May - JW Myers
  6. 17 Miss Red Dot - Nate Brown

h1 website down but live feed available here for Saturday

Heat 1A Blackflagged

Ryan Mallow in the 99 went dead in turn one, so they stopped Heat 1A.  Heat 1B will be run first now.

Kayleigh Perkins says gender kept her out of racing

“If I were a guy with the racing stats that I have, I would have had a ride a couple of years ago,” Kayleigh Perkins-Mallory said.