As promised... 20 foot tall hydros!

On the HAPO flash cube building in TC

Jimmy Shane wins Columbia Cup

Unofficial results:

5, 37, 1, 88, 9, 6

One lap penalty on 6 for going past score up buoy early. Oberto team asking for official video review.

In reply from the air, it looked like Steve may have come over from the outside into lane three without enough clearance. We will wait for official explanation.

"I screwed up," David said at awards ceremony.

River otter sighted from the broadcast tower

Wondering what all this commotion is about on HIS river.

Greg Hopp wins GP West Finals

Order of finish;
12, 15, 19, 17, 55
DNS 43

Mark Allen and producer Nancy Allen

On the SWX broadcast tower

Maggie on broadcast tower camera

Steve David wins heat 3B

Order of finish:
6, 5, 1, 100 (one lap penalty)
DNF 21

J. Michael Kelly wins heat 3a

Order of finish:

37, 88, 9, 57, 17, 11

Watching hydros in the Olympic village

Got email from a producer in the Olympic village, watching hydros on

99 has withdrawn for the weekend

Ha! Call changed again on the 9!

Back to a one minute penalty, still finished fourth. NOT disqualified,

9 penalized one minute then DSQ in heat 2b

Call has changed three times. First it was a DNF which was off because we watched it to three full laps, then s one minute penalty, then changed to a disqualification. Next?

JMK wins heat 2b

Lost his Cowling but still won.


37, 88, 17, 57, 11, 99

Shane wins his fifth straight get in 2a

Villwock was in the lead until the boat
Stopped in final turn.

Finish, unofficial:
5, 6, 100, 21
DNF 1, 9

Vintage Hydroplanes on the Columbia River

Where the TV magic really happens

57 and 88 lost props in the river Saturday

Maybe they will send divers to retrieve later? It's happened before on the Columbia.


KNDU broadcast tower three at start finish

KNDU west pit production control

KNDU broadcast tower two at west end of pits

KNDU broadcast tower one at pits

Another Steve David fan

Calm before the storm