Props to Kirk Duncan @hydronews1

Beating me consistently with news this season!

Saturday heats will be shown on TV Sunday

Taped them today. Watch SWX on TV or live streaming at starting at 10am

Heat 1c, 5 Shane wins

Order Of finish:
5, 21, 17, 100, 18

Jimmy shane on water conditions

Good Water, but No matter what this first turn is brutal.

Steve David wins Heat 1B and, oh snap!

Did you think about moving into Lane one Once you had the overlap?

They race me fair and square, I'm not going to do that. There's only one driver here that will cut you off.

Heat 1b:
6, 37, 11, 9

Heat 1a easy win for Villwock

1, 99
DNF. 5
DNS. 88

18 will be allowed to run heat 1c

Not qualified So he will run on the outside.

If you are going to the park sunday

Download the free syncbak app for iPhone or droid and you etch the live
TV broadcast. Just click on
Live tv and select SWX

18 back on the water trying to get some qualifying laps in

Need to to 130mph and... Got one at 134 And another at 130... Last lap 123

One of ten cameras on the course for TV broadcast tomorrow

10am-5pm live on SWX

Radio controlled hydros

Also racing this weekend in Columbia park

Drivers meeting before racing

Mike Webster is the drivers rep this weekend since the 22 isn't racing. Mike has recovered well from his flip in Detroit... The boat not so much.

Flying engines!!

H1 TV crew with Nate Brown

Jeff Bernard is in the pits, backup for Nate Brown in 17 if needed

Kip says he'll be back for San Diego and for his 5 litre before that. He has an sir cast for his foot and is icing it. They may need to do a hard cast in a couple of days.

Kip brown with a new fan!

King Greg Hopp and his court

Don't worry, be happy

Leland II cowling

Best bet for Saturday coverage is KONA radio

Fueling up the Thriftway

Spiderman is in the pits!

Here's what the bottom of a hydro looks like

37 Beacon Plumbing

Backup prop on 6

37 and J Michael Kelly towed into pits

Ran out of fuel

Trying to get the 5 ready for racing

Fighting demons this morning, should be ready by race to go

Engine powering the 18

T53-L-1B 1400-1600 GP, no fuel flow restriction. Still in production, used in Huey helicopters.

19 ran 92mph Friday and 95mph Saturday

On the hook