Converted G Boat will run with Unlimiteds at Tri-Cities

For the true H1 race fan all eyes will be centered on the debut of Kelly Stocklin's converted "G" boat, a lighter craft powered with the smaller T-53 turbine power plant. Kelly is hopeful that his experience with the heavier H1 boats will give him the ability to be competitive running a boat that is half the horsepower and 2/3rd the weight. His plan is to test his new boat at Tri-Cities as it will be the first time it will have seen the water.

Source: H1Unlimited

Steve David makes Columbia Cup prediction

"I will predict that one of us (David or Villwock) will set qualifying and competition records for this race course on the Columbia," said U-6 driver Steve David.

U-13, U-22 not making trip to Tri-Cities

Unfortunately, damage to the U-22 has left Mike Webster and his team in a tough spot and unable to make the repairs needed to finish the season, Dave Bartush and his U-13 is also having mechanical problems and will not make the West a coast swing.