VIDEO: U-22 Flip from tailfin cam on U-57

2012 DYC APBA Gold Cup: #57 in Heat 1C from Walt Ottenad on Vimeo.

Detroit Course... answering some questions

Had a couple of people ask me about the Gold Cup course and how fast the boats can go.  Here's a nice overview map that explains thanks to the folks at the Gold Cup.

Gold Cup Map

Gold Cup Heat 2B UPDATE: U-17 disqualified

Kip Brown ran one heck of a race in Heat 2B to finished second on the course in Heat 2B.  However, in tech review, it was determined there was a flagrant fuel violation (N2) and the boat was disqualified.

Detroit Gold Cup Heat 2C Results - Villwock wins

PHOTO:  Roger Schaaf
Heat 2C Results:
  1. U-1 Dave Villwock
  2. U-37 J. Michael Kelly

    DNS.  U-13 Cal Phipps
The U-13 has been fighting engine problems all weekend and it continued into Heat 2C.  The boat was in the water, but the fire kept going out and Phipps couldn't make it to the start.

Meanwhile, Kelly flew past Villwock at the score up buoy and JMK moved into lane one.  They were side by side at the start line of the now two-boat race.  Coming out of the first turn, Villwock was just a bit ahead on the outside, but Kelly made a tight turn and was right on his hip.

Villwock's top end speed put him out front at the end of lap one with Kelly just behind.  The U-1 flew out to about a roostertail lead on the backstretch of lap two and started to stretch it out.  By the end, Villwock had about a half a course lead as the boats settled in.
Turns out both boats jumped the gun at the start of the race and had to take an extra lap.

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Detroit Gold Cup Heat 2B Results - Evans wins

Heat 2B Results: 
  1. U-57 Mark Evans
  2. U-11 JW Myers

    DSQ. U-17 Kip Brown
    U-100 Greg Hopp
JW Myers leapfrogged the field to grab the inside lane, hit the line first, and kept it coming out of the first turn.  Mark Evans made a run on the backside along with Greg Hopp.  After the first lap, Myers had half a roostertail lead.

Meanwhile, the race for second between Hopp and Evans was tight... and they tightened up with the leader.  Hopp's boat suddenly slowed and pulled off into the infield.

Evans had a burst of speed and managed to grabbed the lead in lap three!  Kip Brown started in 4th place, but drove that boat like crazy, and gained on the leaders.  Myers was hit with a one-lap penalty for lane violations before the race started and that meant Brown moved into second.

UPDATE:  U-17 was disqualified for a fuel flow (N2) violation.

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Detroit Gold Cup Heat 2A results - Shane wins; David, Liddycoat penalized

Heat 2A Results:
  1. U-5 Jimmy Shane
  2. U-9 Jon Zimmerman
  3. U-6 Steve David
  4. U-88 Scott Liddycoat
Steve David grabbed lane one, but it was Scott Liddycoat leading the field across the start line.  At the Belle Island turn, Liddycoat had the lead with David right alongside.  David put the hammer down and took the lead on the backstretch of lap one.

Jimmy Shane hooked his boat and appeared to hit a buoy, but he managed to get back on track quickly without dislodging it.

Meanwhile, David lengthened out his lead over Liddycoat in lap two and subsequent laps... BUT WAIT!  Turns out David was too early to the score up buoy and Liddycoat had a lane violation.  Both were assessed one lap penalties.  So, despite finishing first and second, the U-6 and U-88 finish 3rd and 4th with Jimmy Shane taking the win.

We're also hearing of fines, but nothing official.
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PHOTO: U-22 flip / view from the U-57 cockpit

H1 Unlimited

Video from cockpit posted on H1 Unlimited website at:

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PHOTO: Damage to U-22

FROM:  U-22 Facebook Page

U-100 Greg Hopp declared winner of Heat 1C at Gold Cup

It's official now... Mark Evans and the U-57 were disqualified after a N2 flagrant fuel violation in Heat 1C.  Greg Hopp and the U-100 were declared the winner.

First Video of U-22 Flip from Detroit Free Press

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Webster, Evans talk about U-22 flip

Hydropage Forum
MIKE WEBSTER:  "I'm doing fine. I'm a little sore. Disappointed in the outcome. Unfortunately for me, hit a roller and right sponson went up."

Detroit News: 
MARK EVANS:  "He got in here, a typical roostertail turn and I just steered right to get away from him.  He's going to be OK. I shook his hand and he looked me in the eye (after getting strapped to the stretcher). He's shook up."

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BETTER PHOTOS: U-22 Flip at Detroit Gold Cup

CREDIT:  James Crisp

SOURCE:  Hydropage Forum

SOURCE: Hydropage Forum

U-22 Mike Webster goes up and over in Heat 1C of Unlimited Hydroplane racing in Detroit.  Webster is OK, but obviously banged up.
Air National Guard H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

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UPDATE: Detroit Heat 1C Restart Results - Evans DSQ; Hopp wins

Heat 1C at Detroit Results:

  1. U-100 Greg Hopp

    DSQ.  U-57 Mark Evans
U-13 Cal Phipps DNS. 
U-22 Mike Webster DNS.  Boat flipped/damaged.

Hopp had a comfortable lead when Mark Evans came out of nowhere to pull up nearly alongside Hopp in lap 4.  It was very, very close at the finish and the winner is.... Mark Evans in the U-57!

UPDATE:  After tech review, it was determined that the U-57 had a N2 violation and the U-100 was awarded the win.  Still exciting race to watch...!

UPDATE: Mike Webster reported to be OK

H1 says Mike is OK.  U-22 has fractured sponson.

Mike Webster U-22 flips in Heat 1C at Detroit (PHOTOS)

Greg Hopp in the U-100, Mark Evansin the U-57, and Mike Webster in the U-22 were all within a few boat lengths of each other in Heat 1C heading into turn two on the first lap.  Webster was running hard, right in between the other two when he went up and over.  Rescue crews were on scene immediately and Webster made it out of the boat.

Apologies for the slightly blurry photos, it was what I could grab and post quickly...

Air National Guard H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing
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Detroit Heat 1B Results

Heat 1B Results:
  1. U-5 Jimmy Shane
  2. U-37 J. Michael Kelly
  3. U-88 Scott Liddycoat
  4. U-17 Kip Brown
Jimmy Shane took the lead in lane two coming out of the first turn with Scott Liddycoat and J. Michael Kelly right on his hip. All three boats stayed close throughout most of the race with hane going out to nearly a roostertail lead over the other two in the third lap and holding on for the win.

Great race for second place with Kelly barely edging out Liddycoat.  Very strong run for Kelly and the U-37 after the crew repaired a cracked mount bracket in the skid fin.

Live streaming video of Detroit Gold Cup hydroplane racing

Congrats to the H1 folks for providing live video stream of the Gold Cup... always a tough venue to get video out of.  The fans appreciate it!

Watch live stream:

Detroit Heat 1A Results - Villwock wins

Heat 1A in Detroit Results

  1. U-1 Dave Villwock
  2. U-6 Steve David
  3. U-9 Jon Zimmeran
  4. U-11 JW Myers
Another matchup between the top two qualifiers.  Villwock grabbed the lead and never looked back, winning by three roostertails.