National High Points after Madison

1. 1 Spirit of Qatar 1600 2. 6 Oh Boy Oberto 1580 3. 88 Degree Men 1310 4. 17 Miss Reddot 1209 5. 11 Miss Peters and May 1077 6. 100 Xtreme Performance 855 7. 5 Graham Trucking 708 8. 9 Holiday Inn Presents Bello's Pizza 705 9. 57 563 10. 22 Great Scot Presents Broadway Tavern 480 11. 37 Beacon Plumbing 400 12. 13 Tubby's of Detroit 30 Source: Unlimiteds on Down

Trophy Presentation at Madison

PHOTO:  Joe McCord

Villwock, U-1 Spirit of Qatar win Madison Finals

PHOTO:  Daniel Anderson
 Dave Villwock and U-1 Spirit of Qatar win the Governor's Cup at Madison, 2012

Order of Finish:
  1. U-1 Spirit of Qater - Dave Villwock
  2. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  3. U-88 Degree Men - Scott Liddycoat
  4. U-17 Red Dot - Kip Brown
  5. U-11 JW Myer (Started as Trailer Boat)
At the start-up bouy, it was Steve David grabbing lane one.  At the start line, however, it was Dave Villwock in lane two getting across the line first.  Villwock hit a hole in the first turn and lost some speed, but managed to hold off David.

At the end of lap one, Villwock had nearly a roostertail lead on David.  Meanwhile, Kip Brown's U-17 died in the first turn, but managed to restart.  JW Myers was penalized a lap for hitting a buoy.

A 5-lap final on a 2-mile course means some really rough water after a couple of times around the course and there was lots of bouncing, especially with the winds at the front of a second wave of bad weather on the horizon.

By lap three, Villwock opened up a huge lead.

Boats headed out to the course for the finals at Madison

Winds are lessening...

U-88 in the water

Drivers, Officials evaluating water conditions; Some Boats in the water

Officially in a Weather Delay...

Some big whitecaps and rollers on the water in Madison.  Radar doesn't look good right now...

Talk of moving the finals up because of storms coming in

Stay tuned... nothing official.

Final Line-up (Unofficial) for Madison Governor's Cup

By my count, the line-up for the four boat final will be:

U-6 Steve David
U-1 Dave Villwock
U-17 Kip Brown
U-88 Scott Liddycoat

Trailer boat:  U-11 JW Myers

Madison Heat 3C Results - Liddycoat wins

U-88 and Scott Liddycoat win Heat 3C at Madison

Order of Finish:
  1. U-88 Scott Liddycoat
  2. U-11 JW Myers
  3. U-22 Mike Webster
U-13 had earlier withdrawn for the weekend.  Close race the whole way with a spot in the finals on the line. 

Liddycoat and Myers hit the start line nearly side-by-side and it stayed that way with Myers taking the lead and then Liddycoat taking it back.  Liddycoat won his second heat of the weekend and a spot in the finals.

A strong run for Mike Webster.  While finishing third and picking up 225 points, he was right with the front-runner the whole race.

Madison Heat 3B Results - Villwock wins

PHOTO:  Daniel Anderson
U-1 Spirit of Qatar and Dave Villwock win Heat 3B at Madison

Order of Finish:
  1. U-1 Dave Villwock
  2. U-100 Greg Hopp
  3. U-57 Mark Evans

    DNS.  U-37 J. Michael Kelly
Unfortunately, the U-37 went dead just before the score-up buoy before the race and did not make the start.  It was a clean run for Dave Villwock in the Spirit of Qatar, hitting the start line first and out front all the way to the finish line.

    U-13 done for the weekend

    Packing up and heading home...

    Thunderstorm Warnings may threaten races in Madison

    It will be a race against the clock to get the races in...

    NWS Radar - 3PM ET/12PM PT

    Madison Heat 3A Results - David wins

    PHOTO:  Daniel Anderson, H1
    U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto and Steve David win Heat 3A at Madison.

    Order of Finish:
    1. U-6 Steve David
    2. U-17 Kip Brown
    3. U-9 Jon Zimmerman
    4. U-5 Jimmy Shane
    Kip Brown grabbed lane one.  Steve David in lane three hit the start line just a hair after Brown did.

    David took the lead coming out of the first turn with Brown just on his hip and raced to victory.  Meanwhile, Jimmy Shane got washed down on the first lap and had to settle for fourth.

    Congratulations to Mark Evans!

    Here's the "official" announcement on Facebook from U-57 driver (and co-owner) Mark Evans.

    Mark and Cathy were married in Madison this week.

    Madison Heat 2C Results - Great race with David beating Villwock

    PHOTO:  David gets trophy for Heat 2C win,
    Courtesy: U-6 FB Page
    Steve David and U-6 win Heat 2C at Madison
    Order of Finish:
    1. U-6 Steve David
    2. U-1 Dave Villwock
    3. U-22 Mike Webster
    4. U-57 Mark Evans
    Best race of the weekend so far with David and Villwock sparring leading up to the start line.  David managed to grab the lead at the start in lane one. 

    Villwock in lane two closed the gap fast and seemed to pull ahead for just a brief second before David took it back.  Steve pounded it out and started to take the corners wider, forcing Villwock to go out even further.  It was a great race for about a lap and a half.  When it was clear the U-6 was going to take it, Villwock backed off a bit and settled into second place.

    Madison Heat 2B - Kelly wins

    PHOTO:  Daniel Anderson
    J. Michael Kelly and U-37 Beacon Plumbing win Heat 2B at Madison.
    1. U-37 J. Michael Kelly
    2. U-17 Kip Brown
    3. U-9 Jon Zimmerman
    4. U-5 Jimmy Shane

    Madison Heat 2A Results - Liddycoat wins

    PHOTO:  H1, Daniel Anderson
    Scott Liddycoat & U-88 Degree Men win Heat 2A at Madison.

    Order of Finish:
    1. U-88 Scott Liddycoat
    2. U-11 JW Myers
    3. U-100 Greg Hopp

      U-13 Cal Phipps DNS