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Friday Qualifying Speeds at Madison

1. 1 Qatar 148.837

2. 6 Oberto 148.548

3. 5 Graham Trucking 146.372

4. 88 Degree for Men 143.372

5. 11 Miss Peters and May 142.616

6. 17 Miss Red Dot 140.660

7. 9 Holiday Inn presents Bello's Pizza 139.047

8. 22 Great Scott Presents Broadway Tavern 137.7147

9. 100 Extreme Performance Products 136.410

10. 13 Tubby's Subs 132.560

11 57 Formula 97.137 DNQ

SOURCE:  Unlimitedsondown

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Seattle's Pat O'Day recovers from brain tumor

Pat O'Day shown with Brian and Kayleigh Perkins
77-year old Pat O'Day, legendary Seafair and Hydro race announcer, had surgery on a brain tumor.  More accurately, it was a large benign tumor that was pressing on his brain.  He is reported to have come through the surgery well.

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