New rule changes for 2012 season

Revisions to the rule book for the 2012 H1 Unlimited racing season include changes to the procedure for declaring the winner of a shortened event and the addition of GPS monitoring equipment to accurately track the position of each boat on the course.

Biggest change?  Minimum speed of 100 mph during the 5 minutes before race start.  Big change!

Full details here.

News from the U-37 Camp

Beacon Plumbing is back as a sponsor.  So is J. Michael Kelly as driver.  And it's a return to the U-37 designation for Schumacher Racing.

Kelly said, “I am excited to get in the No. 37 Miss Beacon Plumbing this season.  The crew has made some major adjustments to the hull and of course we have some new bullet proof motors coming from Whispering Turbines.”  After the boat returned from Doha, Qatar it was discovered that the motor mounts and motor were miss-aligned and Kelly said he hopes with that correct it will give the Miss Beacon Plumbing some additional speed.