U- designation going away


Don't know if you noticed, but the U- designation for boats is gone from
the official references... It's now the 6 Boat instead of U-6.



Unknown said...

They haven't really been UNlimited in a long time. Still going to seem strange though....

Unknown said...

So now they are no longer Unlimited Hydroplanes but rather...?
Sorry, but this is just another attempt by someone to put their fingerprints on something that was perfectly OK the way it was.
The 6 boat; the 28 boat? Ah, yes, just like NASCAR. Another "tradition" lifted from a form of racing we need not emulate.
Leave well enough alone - change what needs to be changed.

Steve C said...

This just gives us ol' vintage guys just one more thing to have on our boats to remind folks of what it was like "back in the day..."

Steve Compton
U-60 Miss Thriftway