SAN DIEGO 2012: Heat 3B - Dave Villwock & 1 Spirit of Qatar Win


PHOTO:  Lisa Courneya
Heat 3B Results
  1. 1 Spirit of Qatar - Dave Villwock
  2. 6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  3. 100 Fox Plumbing - Greg Hopp
  4. 18 Bucket List Racing - Kelly Stocklin
All eyes were on Heat 3B as it put the season's top boats, the 1 Spirit of Qatar and the 6 Oh Boy! Oberto in the same heat. Dave Villwock needed to pick up points after not being able to finish the second set of heats. He had the team's back-up engine, its last, in the boat.

As they came up to the start-line, Dave Villwock in lane two hit the line first and came out of the first turn in first.  But Steve David in lane one was just a boat length behind.  They ran close for most of the first lap, but Villwock picked up speed on lap two and went way out in front, about two roostertails on David.