SAN DIEGO 2012: Heat 3A - 5 Graham Trucking & Jimmy Shane win


Jimmy Shane and the Graham Trucking continued their great run this season with another heat victory.

Shane grabbed the inside lane with Tommy Thomson in the 11 Peters & May in lane two.  Shane hit the line first and came out of the first turn and sprinted out to a four boat lead.  Thompson and Zimmerman had a good race for second.  Scott Liddycoat was late to the start and paid the price, having to start in 5th and reel in Mark Evans to move into 4th.

Zimmeran, meanwhile, passed up Thompson and tried to move in on Shane, but didn't have the boat speed to run him down.

Heat 3A Results

  1. 5 Graham Trucking - Jimmy Shane
  2. 9 Jones Racing - Jon Zimmerman
  3. 11 Peters & May - Tommy Thompson
  4. 88 Degree Men - Scott Liddycoat

    DNF.  57 Miss DiJulio - N. Mark Evans