San Diego 2012: Heat 1A Results - Dave Villwock wins

PHOTO:  Lisa Courneya
Heat 1A Re-Start Results
  1. 1 Spirit of Qatar - Dave Villwock
  2. 5 Graham Trucking - Jimmy Shane
  3. 100 Fox Plumbing - Greg Hopp
  4. 57 Miss DiJulio - N. Mark Evans
  5. 11 Peters & May - Tommy Thompson
Heat 1A was black-flagged on the first attempt after Kip Brown was forced to shut down the 17 Red Dot in the first turn right before the race.  Too dangerous to keep the heat going.  It meant Kip saved the equipment from further damage, but he was not allowed to take part in the re-start.

When the heat got back underway, it was Jimmy Shane grabbing the inside lane again.  Dave Villwock took lane two as they came up to the start line.  As they hit the start line, Shane immediately grabbed the lead, but Villwock was right on his hip.  Greg Hopp was in third.

On the backstretch, Villwock hammered the 1 Spirit of Qatar and took the lead.  Shane stayed right by Villwock at the end of lap one - less than two boat lengths.  But the Qatar's boat speed was too much for the 5 Graham Trucking.  Villwock started to pull away, going out to a roostertail lead in lap two.  Racers settled in and held their positions.

With the 400 points for both Villwock and Steve David on Saturday, David kept his thin margin lead in the National High Points season championship.