SAN DIEGO 2012: 6 Oh Boy! Oberto & Steve David win Heat 2B


PHOTO:  6 Facebook Page
The saltwater has started to take it stoll on equipment this weekend in San Diego.  Before the heat, the 37 Beacon Plumbing withdrew from Heat 2B, and then later withdrew for the rest of the weekend.

The disappointing weekend continued for Kip Brown in the 17 Miss Red Dot, which had mechanical problems Saturday.  Prior to the start of the heat, the Our Gang Racing team asked for a little more time to finish up work on the boat, but was denied by H1.  In the water, the 17 started strong, but went dead in the water.  It was restarted, but headed back to the pits.

Meanwhile, Steve David in the 6 Oh Boy! Oberto ran to a relatively easy win. 

Heat 2B Results
  1. 6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  2. 100 Fox Plumbing - Greg Hopp
  3. 18 Bucket List Racing - Kelly Stocklin

    DNF.  17 Red Dot - Kip Brown
    DNS.  37 Beacon Plumbing - J. Michael Kelly