Villwock, U-1 Spirit of Qatar win Madison Finals


PHOTO:  Daniel Anderson
 Dave Villwock and U-1 Spirit of Qatar win the Governor's Cup at Madison, 2012

Order of Finish:
  1. U-1 Spirit of Qater - Dave Villwock
  2. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  3. U-88 Degree Men - Scott Liddycoat
  4. U-17 Red Dot - Kip Brown
  5. U-11 JW Myer (Started as Trailer Boat)
At the start-up bouy, it was Steve David grabbing lane one.  At the start line, however, it was Dave Villwock in lane two getting across the line first.  Villwock hit a hole in the first turn and lost some speed, but managed to hold off David.

At the end of lap one, Villwock had nearly a roostertail lead on David.  Meanwhile, Kip Brown's U-17 died in the first turn, but managed to restart.  JW Myers was penalized a lap for hitting a buoy.

A 5-lap final on a 2-mile course means some really rough water after a couple of times around the course and there was lots of bouncing, especially with the winds at the front of a second wave of bad weather on the horizon.

By lap three, Villwock opened up a huge lead.