Madison Heat 2C Results - Great race with David beating Villwock


PHOTO:  David gets trophy for Heat 2C win,
Courtesy: U-6 FB Page
Steve David and U-6 win Heat 2C at Madison
Order of Finish:
  1. U-6 Steve David
  2. U-1 Dave Villwock
  3. U-22 Mike Webster
  4. U-57 Mark Evans
Best race of the weekend so far with David and Villwock sparring leading up to the start line.  David managed to grab the lead at the start in lane one. 

Villwock in lane two closed the gap fast and seemed to pull ahead for just a brief second before David took it back.  Steve pounded it out and started to take the corners wider, forcing Villwock to go out even further.  It was a great race for about a lap and a half.  When it was clear the U-6 was going to take it, Villwock backed off a bit and settled into second place.