Official boat lineup for Seattle

1 Spirit of Qatar 96 Dave Villwock
5 Graham Trucking Jimmy Shane
6 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
9 Seattle Sun Tan Jon Zimmerman
Sound Propeller Serv.
11 Acura of Bellevue JW Myers
Miss Peters & May
17 Miss Red Dot Nate Brown
18 Bucket List Racing Kelly Stocklin
21 Albert Lee Appliance Brian Perkins
37 Miss Beacon Plumbing J. Michael Kelly
57 Miss DiJulio N. Mark Evans
88 Degree Men Scott Liddycoat
99 Miss Fox Plumbing 2 Ryan Mallow
100 Miss Fox Plumbing Greg Hopp

VIDEO: Greg Hopp's hot start at Tri Cities with on board camera

Greg Hopp's "hot start" in Heat 3B at Tri-Cities from Walt Ottenad on Vimeo.

As promised... 20 foot tall hydros!

On the HAPO flash cube building in TC

Jimmy Shane wins Columbia Cup

Unofficial results:

5, 37, 1, 88, 9, 6

One lap penalty on 6 for going past score up buoy early. Oberto team asking for official video review.

In reply from the air, it looked like Steve may have come over from the outside into lane three without enough clearance. We will wait for official explanation.

"I screwed up," David said at awards ceremony.

River otter sighted from the broadcast tower

Wondering what all this commotion is about on HIS river.

Greg Hopp wins GP West Finals

Order of finish;
12, 15, 19, 17, 55
DNS 43

Mark Allen and producer Nancy Allen

On the SWX broadcast tower

Maggie on broadcast tower camera

Steve David wins heat 3B

Order of finish:
6, 5, 1, 100 (one lap penalty)
DNF 21

J. Michael Kelly wins heat 3a

Order of finish:

37, 88, 9, 57, 17, 11

Watching hydros in the Olympic village

Got email from a producer in the Olympic village, watching hydros on

99 has withdrawn for the weekend

Ha! Call changed again on the 9!

Back to a one minute penalty, still finished fourth. NOT disqualified,

9 penalized one minute then DSQ in heat 2b

Call has changed three times. First it was a DNF which was off because we watched it to three full laps, then s one minute penalty, then changed to a disqualification. Next?

JMK wins heat 2b

Lost his Cowling but still won.


37, 88, 17, 57, 11, 99

Shane wins his fifth straight get in 2a

Villwock was in the lead until the boat
Stopped in final turn.

Finish, unofficial:
5, 6, 100, 21
DNF 1, 9

Vintage Hydroplanes on the Columbia River

Where the TV magic really happens

57 and 88 lost props in the river Saturday

Maybe they will send divers to retrieve later? It's happened before on the Columbia.


KNDU broadcast tower three at start finish

KNDU west pit production control

KNDU broadcast tower two at west end of pits

KNDU broadcast tower one at pits

Another Steve David fan

Calm before the storm

Props to Kirk Duncan @hydronews1

Beating me consistently with news this season!

Saturday heats will be shown on TV Sunday

Taped them today. Watch SWX on TV or live streaming at starting at 10am

Heat 1c, 5 Shane wins

Order Of finish:
5, 21, 17, 100, 18

Jimmy shane on water conditions

Good Water, but No matter what this first turn is brutal.

Steve David wins Heat 1B and, oh snap!

Did you think about moving into Lane one Once you had the overlap?

They race me fair and square, I'm not going to do that. There's only one driver here that will cut you off.

Heat 1b:
6, 37, 11, 9

Heat 1a easy win for Villwock

1, 99
DNF. 5
DNS. 88

18 will be allowed to run heat 1c

Not qualified So he will run on the outside.

If you are going to the park sunday

Download the free syncbak app for iPhone or droid and you etch the live
TV broadcast. Just click on
Live tv and select SWX

18 back on the water trying to get some qualifying laps in

Need to to 130mph and... Got one at 134 And another at 130... Last lap 123

One of ten cameras on the course for TV broadcast tomorrow

10am-5pm live on SWX

Radio controlled hydros

Also racing this weekend in Columbia park

Drivers meeting before racing

Mike Webster is the drivers rep this weekend since the 22 isn't racing. Mike has recovered well from his flip in Detroit... The boat not so much.

Flying engines!!

H1 TV crew with Nate Brown

Jeff Bernard is in the pits, backup for Nate Brown in 17 if needed

Kip says he'll be back for San Diego and for his 5 litre before that. He has an sir cast for his foot and is icing it. They may need to do a hard cast in a couple of days.

Kip brown with a new fan!

King Greg Hopp and his court

Don't worry, be happy

Leland II cowling

Best bet for Saturday coverage is KONA radio

Fueling up the Thriftway

Spiderman is in the pits!

Here's what the bottom of a hydro looks like

37 Beacon Plumbing

Backup prop on 6

37 and J Michael Kelly towed into pits

Ran out of fuel

Trying to get the 5 ready for racing

Fighting demons this morning, should be ready by race to go

Engine powering the 18

T53-L-1B 1400-1600 GP, no fuel flow restriction. Still in production, used in Huey helicopters.

19 ran 92mph Friday and 95mph Saturday

On the hook

Photo Sequence: 17 nearly rolls, Kip Brown breaks leg

LINK: TriCity Herald >>

Hydros coverage on the big board

Dash for cash 6 Steve David wins

1. 6
2. 100
3. 9
4. 11

88 scratched due to rudder problem

6 Oh boy!Oberto will run bio fuels for Dash

More details on Kip's injury

Happened in testing this morning. Hit hard in turn two and smashed foot with the brake pedal. Out 4-6 weeks. Kip is back in pits.

Kip Brown out with broken foot

It's official, Nate Brown will drive the 17 this weekend.

Dash for cash

Unlimiteds running are 6, 9, 88, 11, and 37.

Chad, SWX Director gets cameras set up

10 total cameras up and down the race course...

Dash for cash will be live on KNDU-TV and KNDO-TV at 5pm

Yakima and TriCities, WA

Photo - view from the SWX broadcast tower at start finish line

U37 on the course

SWX TV broadcast tower at start-finish

Seven hours of live coverage on Sunday!!

U11 towed back to shore

Lost power in test run

Double trouble

Double trouble

Paul Dughi
Cowles California Media Company

Kelly Stocklin's 18 boat

Paul Dughi
Cowles California Media CompanyRunning with the unlimited this weekend...

Twenty foot tall hydros!

The new electronic billboard on the HAPO (flash cube) building on Clearwater Ave in Kennewick will be broadcasting the hydro races live on SWX on the side of the building. Hydros twenty feet tall!!

PHOTO: 2012 Columbia Cup Trophy

Converted G Boat will run with Unlimiteds at Tri-Cities

For the true H1 race fan all eyes will be centered on the debut of Kelly Stocklin's converted "G" boat, a lighter craft powered with the smaller T-53 turbine power plant. Kelly is hopeful that his experience with the heavier H1 boats will give him the ability to be competitive running a boat that is half the horsepower and 2/3rd the weight. His plan is to test his new boat at Tri-Cities as it will be the first time it will have seen the water.

Source: H1Unlimited

Steve David makes Columbia Cup prediction

"I will predict that one of us (David or Villwock) will set qualifying and competition records for this race course on the Columbia," said U-6 driver Steve David.

U-13, U-22 not making trip to Tri-Cities

Unfortunately, damage to the U-22 has left Mike Webster and his team in a tough spot and unable to make the repairs needed to finish the season, Dave Bartush and his U-13 is also having mechanical problems and will not make the West a coast swing.

Couer d'Alene exhibitions scrapped for 2012

Races called off for this summer, but venue commits to full race stop in 2013.

Dang it. I already bought my plane tickets.


Lots of Live TV Coverage for the West Coast swing

The next event for the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane series will be in Tri-Cities, WA with LIVE TV Coverage on SWX, a regional sports channel delivered to more than a million TV homes in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Eastern Oregon.  If you can't watch locally, you can watch it on-line or on your mobile device at: or

Mark Allen and Paul Dughi
SWX will also carry the Coeur d'Alene, ID exhibition run on LIVE TV, which will also be available for streaming at

Mark Allen will handle the play-by-play and yours truly will do the color commentary for the Tri-Cities and Coeur d'Alene races live on SWX and on-line.

And of course, KIRO-TV does a stellar job with the LIVE TV coverage in Seattle, which is available on-line at if you can't watch in Seattle.

15 boat field expected for Tri-Cities, WA Hydro Races

H1's Steve Montgomery said, despite the damage to the fleet in Detroit, we can expect a 15-boat field for the Tri-City races next week.

PHOTOS: Damage from boat flips in Detroit Gold CUp racing

U-22 damage ~ PHOTO:  U-22
U-11 damage ~ PHOTO:  Hydropage
U-88 damage ~ PHOTO:  Hydropage

Detroit Gold Cup Final - Villwock wins

In the 103rd Gold Cup race, the all time winningest hydroplane driver won again, his tenth Gold Cup victory. Dave Villwock in the U1 Spirit of Qatar ran to victory in the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane tour stop in Detroit.

Final Unofficial Results:

1. U1 Dave Villwock
2. U6 Steve David
3. U37 J. Michael Kelly
4. U9 Jon Zimmerman
5. U57 Mark Evans (Started as a trailer boat)
6. U5 Jimmy Shane (one lap penalty)

It was Villwock's 67th career win and marked the sixth time Steve David has finished second in the Gold Cup.

David in lane one hit turn one first and held the lead coming out of the turn at the Belle Island bridge, but Villwock managed to edge in front on the back stretch. By lap two, Villwock had a one boat lead and kept it there, with the boats bouncing all over the water.

In lap three, coming out of turn one, Villwock moved inside and pushed Steve David to go wide. David ran through Villwock's rooster tail and dropped way back in lane four. Villwock lost the rear stabilizer bar at about the same time. Despite that, Villwock opened up a big lead and ran to victory.

Detroit Heat 4B Restart Results

THeat 4B was restarted after the flip by the U88. Kip Brown and the U17 was unable to get back out on the water due to mechanical issues.


1. U1 Dave Villwock
2. U9 Jon Zimmerman
3. U100 Greg Hopp

Dns. U17 Kip Brown

Relatively easy run for Villwock in lane three.

Unofficial points totals puts U-5 and Jimmy Shane in the lead

If the racing in Detroit is done for the day, Jimmy Shane and the U5 would have the most points at 1270. Steve David in the U6 is at 1255, U1 Dave Villwock at 1250, and J. Michael Kelly at 1067.

That would be a great weekend for Shane and the U-5 team to come away with a Gold Cup victory! Come to think of it, no matter how things end up, it's been a great weekend for them!

Races on "indefinite hold"

Madison Courier: "It's un-raceable right now," according to Steve David, U6 driver.

U-88 flips

Scott Liddycoat is OK and headed back to shore. Boat flipped in heat 4b in Detroit.

Detroit Heat 4A Results - David wins; U11 Flips

Heat 4A Results:

1. U6 Steve David
2. U37 J. Michael Kelly
3. U57 Mark Evans

DNF. U11 JW Myers
DNS. U5 Jimmy Shane

Race stopped when JW hooked the boat and rolled over. JW is OK. Race was declared final since they had run three of four laps.

Detroit Heat 3B Results - Villwock, David penalized

Heat 3B Results:

1. U1 Dave Villwock
2. U6 Steve David
3. U88 Scott Liddycoat
4. U11 JW Myers
5. U100 Greg Hopp

Both Villwock and David were docked points and given a fine for lame infractions, but it did not affect the order of finish.

Detroit Heat 3A Results - Shane goes three for three

Heat 3A Results:

1. U5 Jimmy Shane
2. U17 Kip Brown
3. U9 Jon Zimmerman
4. U57 Mark Evans
5. U37 J. Michael Kelly

VIDEO: U-22 Flip from tailfin cam on U-57

2012 DYC APBA Gold Cup: #57 in Heat 1C from Walt Ottenad on Vimeo.

Detroit Course... answering some questions

Had a couple of people ask me about the Gold Cup course and how fast the boats can go.  Here's a nice overview map that explains thanks to the folks at the Gold Cup.

Gold Cup Map