Hydro Racing in China?!?


H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing and Beijing Kingolym Culture Communications Ltd. have entered into an agreement that could bring the world's fastest boats to China as soon as fall 2012.

The announcement comes after recent meetings between H1 Unlimited Chairman Sam Cole, Chinese Motorboat Association General Secretary Wan Hongjun and Beijing Kingolym President Zhengmin Shi to lay the groundwork for establishing an H1 presence in China. Although much work needs to be done to make this a reality, Cole and Shi agreed that the public awareness of the plan is essential.

"We are excited about engaging Beijing Kingolym to make this expansion happen," Cole said. "They have worked with boat racing in the past, have the support of the leadership of the Chinese Motorboat Association and have opened an office in Beijing to take this to the next level."

Cole acknowledged that there are several hurdles to clear:

• A working agreement with UIM to allow for additional international events

• Changes in shipping procedures for the teams; converting to containers

• Invitations from the appropriate municipalities in China for the exact race location(s)

• Scheduling resolution within the H1 Unlimited series

• Ensuring no conflicts with the UIM World Championship Oryx Cup event in Doha, Qatar