2010 APBA Gold Cup is a GO !!!

APBA Gold Cup is a GO !!! News just released by Tom Bertolini, president of the Detroit River Regatta Association and APBA Gold Cup Race Director says the decision has been made and the event is a go for the scheduled dates, July 9-11. For more information see the full story on H1 Unlimited


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Second death at powerboat racing event


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Cal Phipps will drive U-13 in 2010.

Dave Bartush, owner of the U-13 Dpirit of Detroit, has selected veteran inboard racer Cal Phipps of Sterling Heights, Michigan as his team's driver for the 2010 season.

Moses Lake Yacht Club, former Unlimited Hydroplane owner/sponsor, closes

The Moses Lake Yacht Club will be no more, after disbanding last month, but it leaves behind a history that will long linger in the memories of those who participated.

The need for speed grew and the club acquired the old unlimited hydroplane named Slomoe. It joined the American Powerboat Association with the newly named Miss Moses Lake. It took third place in the national championship race at Las Vegas in 1958.

Columbia Basin Herald >>

JW Myers update

JW will drive the U37 in 2010, replacing Jean Theoret in the cockpit.

Updates on U-21, U-48, U-50, U-16

Kirk Pagel reports in the E-RCU.org newsletter:

The U-21, now part of Greg O'Farrell's fleet, has a new paint scheme, in green, black and silver. For now, the “U” number stays the same. The U-48 and U-50 hulls are both for sale.

Some of thehydro fan websites report that Erick Ellstrommay only run his U-16 in a couple of races in 2010, which leads to speculation about Dave Villwock staying with the team.

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New dates for Detroit Gold Cup

The Detroit River Regatta Association today announced new dates for the running of the 2010 Detroit APBA Gold Cup. The event will be held on the Detroit River June 25-27.

In announcing the move to the June dates, DRRA President and Race Director Tom Bertolini pointed out several factors that led to the DRRA decision.

We believe that more of our race fans are at home in late June than our previous dates, which were closer to the 4th of July,” explained Bertolini.

Bertolini added, “This also gives us the opportunity to hold the event in co-ordination with other Detroit area festivals and events in late June and give the area a tremendous two-week kickoff to summer.”

Event Director Mark Weber pointed out that, “Now that our dates have been finalized, our season ticket holders should receive their pre-season ticket sales packages soon.”

"We are very excited about opening our season in Detroit and competing for the APBA Gold Cup," said Sam Cole, H1 Unlimited Chairman,"
"This is an opportunity that the Detroit River Racing Association could not pass up and we want to help support them in any way that we can," Cole added. " I think this is a great way to start the season with a premier event like the APBA Gold Cup. It will create excitement that should carry through to our other events."

The 2010 APBA Gold Cup will begin with testing and qualifying on Friday June 25th and racing on Saturday and Sunday.

VIDEO: Chip Hanauer rides the zamboni

Photo Gallery of Chip Hanauer riding the Zamboni >>


Short clip of Hanauer talking hockey at the Tri-City Americans hockey game >>

"Racing has afforded me many things," Hanauer said. "Flying with the Blue Angels, going on a nuclear submarine and now driving a Zamboni. I have friends in F1 racing and when I told them I was going to drive a Zamboni they were excited." READ MORE >>

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