PHOTO: U-16 blows fire during the final, loses power

VIDEO: JMK wins Oryx Cup Finals

What a show! Dave Villwock was poised to win the final race and the national championship when his engine started blowing fire. J. Michael Kelly was able to catch him and so was Steve David. JMK wins the Oryx Cup, UIM Championship. David wins the National High Points team and driver title.

PHOTO SEQUENCE: U-5 flip in finals

U-5 flip in finals

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PHOTOS: U-5 flip in final from the air

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PHOTOS: U-1 blows over in Heat 4A

JMK wins Oryx Cup

J. Michael Kelly in the U-7 wins the 2009 UIM World Championship Oryx Cup.

Steve David in the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto wins the 2009 National High Points team and driver championship, keeping the U-1 designation for 2010.