Dave Villwock's inury healed

Dave Villwock says he's healed. "Broke parts of the joint in my finger," he said. "They pinned it back together and it’s 100% now."

Doha, Qatar race is a really, really big deal

“I think it’s much bigger than we perceive. A world championship, driver, team. For the sport, it’s much bigger. This could really offer a huge future that could really elevate the sport… for teams, for compensation. We need to do a great job, be great ambassadors. Use this as a giant pole vault for the sport in the future," said U-1's Steve David.

“It's very difficult to get the sponsorship dollars now (compared to past). If we represent ourselves well, make some friends, some corporate friends, I think we’ll be able to springboard this sport to a whole new gear,” said U-16's Dave Villwock. “This will be a very big deal for the sport and the future."

Salt Water in Doha 50% more dense

“It’s 50% more dense. That’s strike one. Strike two is a two mile course. It’s been a long time since we’ve run on less than a 2.5 mile course. More salt in the air and will cause more trouble for the turbines,” said U-16's Dave Villwock. “It’s something we have to deal with. We know there are some challenges there that may cause us trouble.”

"The salinity is higher than in San Diego,” said U-1's Steve David. “We’re trying to run a tighter operation – different filters and intakes. The problem is it hangs in the air. With a short course, we’ll be running into our own salt in the air.”

Steve David to meet with U.S. troops overseas

“Got a great opportunity when I’m over there,” said U-1’s Steve David. “I will be speaking with troops while I’m over there. Many of them will be in the pits with us.”

"Kinda my Bob Hope moment."

Boats have cleared customs

After the 37-day voyage, the boats are in a holding area.

Jeff Bernard, Dave Villwock, Steve David to talk about Doha

Scheduled to talk to Jeff Bernard, Dave Villwock, and Steve David on the ABRA conference call about Doha races on Monday afternoon. Look for quotes, articles Monday night.