PHOTOS: U-1 Oberto Hero Card in English and Arabic

For all the Oberto fans that wanted to see the Steve David/Oh Boy! Oberto hero card in Arabic --both front and back here you go. The team is very excited and Larry Oberto is already on his way to Doha to help raise interest in the sport and the Miss Madison Race Team.

PHOTO: Boats arrive in Doha, Qatar

Dr. Ken heading to Qatar

In two weeks, on the opposite side of the world, which in many ways is as far as a person can get from Mercer Island, there will be a hydro race on the water surrounding Doha, Qatar. That race, the American Boat Racing Association’s Oryx Cup World Championships, will feature Islander Dr. Ken Muscatel and his team, racing under the Superior Racing banner — the team that Muscatel has owned and driven for since 1994.

Local hydros head to the Middle East for season championship race >>