Hydros arrival in Doha slightly delayed

"Due to heavy shipping traffic in the ports along the hydroplane's journey, the unlimiteds have a new arrival date for the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship. According to Peters & May the hydroplanes will arrive in Doha, Qatar Tuesday, November 3rd."

Official Announcement on Internet Stream for Doha

"The American Boat Racing Association (ABRA) and the Qatar Marine Sport Federation (QMSF) announced today there will be streaming video and audio from the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship November 19-21 (Thurs-Sat).

“We are working through some details with the crew we have assembled but we will have Steve Montgomery on the public address in Doha, Qatar and his accounts of the race will be broadcast over the internet at www.abrahydroplanes.com,” Sam Cole, Chairman of the ABRA said today."

New logo for Oryx Cup