VIDEO: Miss Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane Blowover 1992 Seattle

Miss Budweiser driven by Chip Hanauer flips qualifying for Seafair unlimited hydroplane race in Seattle, Aug 1, 1992. He was slightly injured but returned to racing.

VIDEO: How to drive a Unlimited Light Hydroplane

Wil Muncey Explains how to drive an Unlimited Light Hydroplane.

VIDEO: U-99.9 KISW Unlimited Hydroplane Crash 1993

KISW driven by Ken Dryden crashed after rudder cable snapped and rudder turned to hard right. Hydroplane actually became a hydrofoil for a split second before going up riding on the tip of the rudder that was turned sideways. Watch closely and you can see first diver on boat talking to Ken who is inbetween front carnard and air ram in the water after letting himself out through the top hatch underwater. Ken was slightly hurt and returned to driving.

Qatar’s F1 team gearing up for four races in China

F1 Team Qatar heads to Central Asia this week for the first two races in a hectic month’s powerboat racing in China.

PENSINSULA ONLINE: Qatar’s F1 team gearing up for four races in China >> Canceled hydro races left several suppliers complaining about unpaid bills

One area councillors did not address in their questions to Haas was the need to vet potential event organizers. This summer, promoter Jorum Schramm cancelled his attempt to bring hydroplane races to Okanagan Lake and several suppliers complained he left a pile of unpaid bills in his wake. It turns out Schramm has a history of failed events Kelowna trying to shed no fun image >>