PHOTOS: More Evansville GP heat races

PHOTOS: Evansville GP heat races

PHOTO: Greg Hopp sets 2 mile APBA record for single-engine automotive-powered GP.

These shots are of Greg running the 2 Mile record for APBA in a single engine automotive powered GP in Evansville.

Editor's Note: I originally said ABRA record, but as several people pointed out, I meant APBA record. Oops.

PHOTOS: Villwock takes in Tacoma Inboard Racing event

Tacoma Inboard Racing Association’s Neil Yapachino Memorial Regatta, on Spanaway Lake, Washington, had Unlimited Hydroplane Pilot, Dave Villwock as one of its spectators on Sunday to take in the final heats of the weekend event.
PHOTOS: Karl Fortner

PHOTO: New hydroplane design?

Designer Johnson Drew is appealing to our addictions to both speed and water.
His latest development is the Gator Hydroplane concept that not only comes with
a daring design, but also makes for an aggressive water commuter.


PHOTOS: U-37 getting repairs before Doha trip

From James Crisp: I made a trip up to Madison last Sunday and shot a little of Pyro (Crew chief Scott Raney) working on the 37. The boat is at Bob Hughes' Clifty Engineering where the boat has undergone some repairs and touch-ups. Crew member John Ashby, a Madison native, has been assisting Scott with the work. A new cowling was created by modifying an old cowl acquired from the Miss Madison/ Oh Boy! Oberto. After being sanded, one could see the DeWalt yellow from the former U-6 sponsor. (In the photo of John Ashby he is salvaging parts from the engine that expired when Theoret went over during the Madison Regatta.)
PHOTOS: James Crisp

PHOTOS: U-5 & U-7 en route to Florida, then to Doha

Here are a few shots of the Formulaboats U-5 and Graham Trucking U-7 (as well as "Big Red") as they passed through central Kentucky enroute to Florida and ultimately Doha, Qatar.
PHOTOS: James Crisp