Sunday race times for Evansville

Heat start times
Evansville Time/CDT

1A 11:05 am
1B 11:25 am

2A 1:05 pm
2B 1:25 pm

3A 2:35 pm
3B 2:55 pm

Consolation 3;50 pm
Final 4:45 pm

Heat draws for 1A, 1B

Draw for Heat 1-A

  1. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
  2. U-16 Ellstrom Elam Plus Dave Villwock
  3. U-3 Master Tire Jimmy King
  4. U-7 Graham Trucking J Michael Kelly
  5. U-37 Renton Coil Spring Jean Theoret
  6. U-48 Whirpool/Albert Lee Brian Perkins

Draw for Heat 1-B

  1. U-5 Jeff Bernard
  2. U-17 Seal Shield Kip Brown
  3. U-100 Greg Hopp
  4. U-25 Mister Home Loan Ken Muscatel
  5. U-22 Matrix Systems Mike Webster

U1 team using Ellstrom prop

The prop the U1 team was running was manufactured by the Ellstrom race team. "A lot of times your competitors are known to keep their best equipment and not sell it but in the case of Erick and the Ellstrom team they definitely sell their best props and we couldn't have been top qualifier without their help," David said.

Steve David, U-1 is the top qualifier at Evansville

1. Steve David U1 155.215
2. Dave Villwock U16 154.748
3. Jeff Bernard U5 152.581.

Villwock had a faster time but it was wiped out due to a N2 violation.