'Big Red Turbinator' will roar

"It ran at Seattle the way it's supposed to," Cooper said. "We had the opportunity to get the inside lane and in our business, if you get the inside lane, you have a good chance to win."

'Big Red Turbinator' will roar >>

A truly scary video

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Evansville live streams, results

For the first time in 8 years, I have a conflict during a boat race weekend that will take me out of the reporting mix at HydroInsider.com. You should be well covered with ABRA's stepped up website race weekend reporting, WORX radio's live audio, and Go3Racing's live streams.

Latest news and race results

Live audio stream

Live video stream
GO3Racing >>

I will have wraps up stories posted Sunday night or Monday morning.

Teams arriving in Evansville; U-17 has travel problems

Five of the eleven teams expected for Thunder on the Ohio were in the pit area on the Evansville riverfront by Thursday evening. The rest are expected Friday. Nate Brown's U-17 encountered transporter problems in Montana, and may not arrive until Saturday.

Unlimited Teams Arriving In Evansville >>

Schedule for racing, WORX broadcasts

WORX Broadcast Schedule
All Times are list asEastern Daylight Time

Friday August 21
5pm...Hydro Report

Saturday August 22
7pm-7:30pm...Qualifing Update

Sunday August 23
Unlimited Heats 1A-1B

Unlimited Heats 2A-2B

Unlimited Heats 3A-3B

Provisional Heat

Unlimited Final Heat Coverage

Listen live on the internet >>