PHOTO: Brian vs. Kayleigh at Silverdale

PHOTO: Walt Ottenad
The photo I originally used in the story was an archive photo of the UL-11... but Brian was driving Bob Schellhase's boat which was re-numbered UL-11 this weekend. Kayleigh's on the inside in the UL-72 (red). Brian's in the UL-11 (yellow) on the outside. Thanks for the photo and pointing out my error.

Steve David on U-1 ready for Evansville after damage in Seatle

"Wasn't as bad as I thought," said Steve David. It was nothing more than (a part in the ) activator - a bellows - about a$250 part. #1 engine is ready to go, gear set is ready. We're 100% ready."

"Went to 148% N2, did some minor damage to the thing, couldn't keep it together. The exhaust gas went from 600 to 900. At 900, you're burning $1,000 dollar bills. At 900, you worry about blowing the hot section and $100,000 worth of damage. It was all I could do to limp across."

Villwock and David on the battle for High Points at Evansville

"In the points battle that we're in, it really makes Evansville one of the most important races on the circuit. It's the last fresh water race before we go to Qatar and who knows what happen's there with the salt water," said Steve David. "The pressure's really on to win this thing."

"We're in just as big of a points battle now as we were at the beginning of the year. We were dead even then, and we're about dead even now," said Dave Villwock.

Villwock on lane assignments, controversy

"The actual racing is far better. The controversy is far less," said Villwock. "I think it's better for the sport, not having a bunch of people angry at the end. If we have a bunch of controversy at the end of every race every week, it's no fun for the fans."

"In terms of giving the fans a better product, what we're doing now is working better than how it's worked in the past."

Steve David on fighting for lanes vs. assigned lanes

"Some people compare us to NASCAR. I've never seen NASCAR fight for lanes," said U-1's Steve David.

Villwock on penalties

"Steve David and I have more penalties for trying to take care of each other and get around the race course than all other penalties combined," said Dave Villwock. "Good competition. Good clean racing."

Villwock has won 10 of last 13 at Evansville

Dave Villwock has won 10 of the last 13 races at Evansville. He did not race there last year. "He's master of the course," said Steve David about Villwock.