Sketching the Seattle hydroplane races

I stumbled upon Chris Haigh, 53, of Lake City, who was panning the scene with his binoculars. The "Oh boy! Oberto" hydroplane had just done a loop around the course at 153 miles per hour, he explained. Haigh had arrived at 6:15 in the morning and was planning to spend the night at a friend's house nearby to be here again early today. "I've been coming for 35 years in a row," he said. "It's my sport. It's something I love."

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Seattle Sketcher
An illustrated journal of life in the Puget Sound region by Times artist Gabriel Campanario.

UL Heat 2B Results

ULHRA Heat 2B Results

  1. UL 14 -Paul Becker
  2. UL-8 Kelly Stocklin
  3. UL-11 Rod Bourke
  4. UL-00 Wil Muncey

    UL 56 - Bill Strain

Theoret not driving any more this weekend

J.W. Myers will take over the driving duties for the U-37 for the rest of the racing for the Chevrolet Cup. Jean Theoret ran a heckuva race in Heat 1A on Saturday, but said he's done.

PHOTO: Myers after driving U-37 in Detroit - Jim Simpson

U-25 on the water

Dr. Ken Muscatel took the brand new U-25 out on the water in Seattle, running just one lap before bringing it back.

UL Heat 2A Results

ULHRA Heat 2A Results

  1. UL 19 - Ryan Mallow
  2. UL 1 - Greg Hopp
  3. UL 9 - Vince Xaudaro

    DNF. UL 72 - Kayleigh Perkins
    DNF. UL9 - Chris Grant

Heats draws for Unlimited Heats 2A, 2B

Boat draw for Heat 2A - by lane

  1. U-3 Grandview on the Lake
    Jimmy King
  2. U-7 Graham Trucking
    J. Michael Kelly
  3. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto
    Steve David
  4. U-16 Ellstrom Elam Plus
    Dave Villwock
  5. U-5
    Jeff Bernard
  6. U-9 Jones Racing
    David Williams

Boat draw for Heat 2B - by lane

  1. U-22 Miss Airbag
    Mike Webster
  2. U-100 Mirage Boats
    Greg Hopp
  3. U-48 Albert Lee
    Brian Perkins
  4. U-17 USNW Express
    Kip Brown
  5. U-37 Hoss Mortgage Investors
    J.W. Myers

Heat 1B Results

Heat 1B Results

  1. U-16 Elam - Dave Villwock
  2. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
  3. U-48 Albert Lee - Brian Perkins
  4. U-9 Jones Racing - David Williams
  5. U-3 Grandview on the Lake - Jimmy King

What a great heat of racing! David had the lead the entire race until the final turn and run for the finish. Villwock caught up, passed up David, and took him the win.

Heat 1A Results

Heat 1A Results

  1. U-5 - Jeff Bernard
  2. U-37 Hoss Mortgage - Jean Theoret
  3. U-17 USNW Express - Kip Brown
  4. U-7 Graham Trucking - J. Michael Kelly
  5. U-100 Mirage Boats - Greg Hopp
  6. U-22 - Mike Webster

Close finish. Theoret led the entire race with Bernard right alongside. Bernard eked out the win, beating Theoret by about a boat length.

PHOTOS: U-25's new purple and flames paint job

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Unlimited Heat 1A, 1B Heat Draws - Villwock vs. David again in Heat 1B

Heat 1a draw - by lane assignments

  1. U-37
  2. U-5
  3. U-17
  4. U-7
  5. U-100
  6. U-22

Heat 1b draw - by lane assignments

  1. U-1
  2. U-16
  3. U-3
  4. U-9
  5. U-48

Note: Dave Villwock had first pick in U-16 and chose lane two

My favorite photo of the weekend so far...!

U-1 driver Steve David. What's so funny, Steve?

PHOTO: Chris Denslow

UL Heat 1B Results

ULHRA Heat 1B Results

  1. UL-1 Greg Hopp
  2. UL-72 Kayleigh Perkins
  3. UL-8 Kelly Stocklin
  4. UL-11 Rod Bourke

    DNS. UL-56 Bill Strain

UL Heat 1A Results

ULHRA Heat 1A Results

1. UL-19 Ryan Mallow
2. UL-00 Wil Muncey
3. UL-9 Joe Souza
4. UL-40 Chris Grant
DNF. UL-14 Paul Becker

Racing Schedule for Seafair Saturday

Here's what on the official schedule...

Unlimited Lights
12:10 - 1A
12:25 - 1B
5:30 - 2A
5:50 2B

2:45 - 1A
3:05 - 1B
3:25 - 1C

Reminder: Live streaming audio from Mark Allen/ >>

U-25 is in the pits

The new boat for Dr. Ken Muscatel is in Seattle... kinda purple-ish.

Villwock takes top spot in qualifying, David second

  • U-3 increased speed with a 149.909.
  • U-7 got on the course and posted a top lap speed of 146.935.
  • U-17 increased speed with a 148.514
  • U-16 top qualifying spot away from U-1 with a Saturday speed of 154.347
  • U-1 posted a 153.593 for #2 position

U-5, U-7 team low on parts

Formula team is low on parts. If anything goes wrong with 5 or 7 this weekend, it could be major problems for the team.
SOURCE: ABRA on Twitter

PHOTOS: U-1, U-3, U-9, U-16, U-22, U-48

PHOTOS: Chris Denslow

Seattle 2009 - Chris Denslow

PHOTOS: Qatar's Sheikh Hassan rides Miss Wahoo

PHOTOS: Chris Denslow

PHOTOS: U-5, U-16, U-17, U-3

PHOTOS: Lon Erickson

Seattle 2009 - Lon Erickson

Theoret on lane assignments

Theoret believes that takes away a lot of the driving skill he used to grab the inside lane."Some drivers are good at getting that inside lane and I'm one of those drivers," Theoret said. "It's being taken away from me. We are not going to beat those guys from the outside lane. And the same guy [Dave Villwock] is always going to have the inside lane."

Jean Theoret shaken by crash >>

VIDEO: Detroit Gold Cup Final (HD)

VIDEO: U-17 multiple on-board cameras from Tri-Cities

U-17 Our Gang Racing Unlimited Hydroplane sponsored by West Pasco Family Dental in the Tri-Cities Lamb Weston Columbia cup. Footage from onboard cameras.