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HydroInsider.com is now updating to twitter regularly. OK, so I'm really updating the HydroInsider.com Live Blog, but it also posts to twitter and checks for updates every 30 minutes 24/7.

Look for hydroinsider at twitter. If you'd have been following it (and I'd had it set up for the Tri-Cities race), you would have received over 100 "tweets" - or as I call them Breaking News - from the race site.

MORE PHOTOS: U-9 hydro in Seattle

PHOTOS: DecktoDeck.us
It's the first time the boat's been ready to race in two seasons, since it upended in Seattle in 2007. Right now, it's all white.


PHOTOS: U-9 hydro in the pits in Seattle

PHOTOS: DecktoDeck.us

VIDEO: Hydroplane Race announcement for Doha, Qatar at Hydro Museum

VIDEO: In Cockpit video from U-37 during Columbia Cup Final

VIDEO: In-cockpit cameras for U-3, U-7, U-17

Jim Simpson has these videos posted on his smugmug page >>

Q&A with Steve David

As you get more and more boats on the log boom you get the wakes resonating off that log boom back on the course. You may have a 600-foot stretch were it's really calm then all of a sudden hit a two-foot roller. Most of the accidents we have are the freak ones that you didn't see until it was too late.

Q&A with Steve David >>