VIDEO: In cockpit video from the U-7 flip

This is what J. Michael Kelly saw in the cockpit of the U-7 Graham Trucking during the flip in Tri-Cities. Thanks to Danny Porter for the video.

Iso Camera tracking the U-7 Graham Trucking from the near shore during the flip. Thanks to Danny Porter for the video.

He said his name was Robert Lee Smith and that he was in town for the hydroplane races...

... turns out he was wanted for murder in Indiana.

CRIME: Indiana murder suspect arrested in Kennewick >>

VIDEO: Iso camera on U-7 during flip (from shore)

VIDEO: Danny Porter

VIDEO: Inside the cockpit of the U-17 during a ride on the Columbia River

Watch video >>

Theoret Update

"God willing, I will be back behind the wheel," U-37's Jean Theoret told the Seattle Times today about Seafair. I was in the pits in the Tri-Cities talking Jimmy King, Theoret walked by. "You going to be driving in Seattle?" Jimmy asked Jean. "Yes I will," Jean replied.

Qatar Unlimited Event update

While some remain skeptical about the race, owner/driver Ken Muscatel, who is heavily involved in organizing the race, said Tuesday that "it looks like it's an absolute go."

"That could inject some fresh capital, which is what we need," said driver Steve David of the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto.

Hydroplane racing rolls forward in tough times >>

VIDEO: A close up view of U-7 flip @ Tri-Cities

Correction on U9

Kirk Duncan pointed out correctly the U9 flip in Seattle was 2 years ago. My bad.... Do the years run together for anyone else?


Any significance to the fact that N2 was my gate at Seatac?