VIDEO: HydroInsider Archives - Steve David after 2008 Columbia Cup win

Villwock on future of hydro racing overseas

With the future of the sport on the line, Villwock said the series will travel to Qatar after Seafair.Villwock said he believed taking the series overseas would ensure the future of the sport.

“Formula One legend Michael Schumacher stood on the end of the Miss Budweiser trailer down in San Diego and told me, ‘You should bring this to Europe. People will fall out of their chair when they see it,’” Villwock said. According to Villwock, the conversation got the wheels turning, and he began travelling overseas to help secure races.

“Maybe we’re competing in the wrong pond here,” he said. “We’ve got NASCAR, basketball, football, ladies’ basketball. Over there they have Formula One and soccer. I think it’s something that will appeal to them.”

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PHOTOS: UL-1, U-3, U-16 @ Tri-CIties

PHOTOS: U-22, U-48, U-40, UL-19 in the TC pits

In the Lampson pits by Thurs PM

@ the Columbia Cup course: U-1, U-3, U-5, U-7, U-16, U-22, U-48

Still en route: U-17, U-25, U-37, U-100, U-787

Hot forecast for Hydros - Columbia Cup temps in 100s


PHOTO: Vintage Thriftway, Bardahl in the pits

Dash for Cash - on the live stream

The Friday Dash for Cash will be during KNDU's live 5pm broadcast and you can watch the live stream at

This just in... another pit reporter added for Columbia Cup TV broadcast

Scott Reister, KNDU-TV Sports Director, will be working the pits during the races for the TV broadcast along with someone familiar to race fans, Emily Estes. Emily now works for KNDU-TV, but was the former Race Director for Tri-Cities and in the past has handled publicity for the U-21 Freedom Racing team and ABRA.

PHOTOS: TV crews setting up

This is a wireless microwave transmitter on the back of a camera that will give the pit reporters more freedom to roam on the docks... also, it will be used to transmit live pictures back from the helicopter for race coverage when available.

Main stage at start/finish where Steve Montgomery and Mark Allen will anchor the play-by-play coverage.

Above and below - a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW all digital TV production van, which will be used for the broadcast. This will be its first official broadcast!

PHOTOS: U-5, U-7, U-1 in the pits Thursday morning

PHOTOS: Columbia Cup

Check out Chris Denslow photo gallery for nightly updates on the races in the Tri-Cities. He's already well on his way.

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Columbia Cup sponsor gives away free french fries

Lamb Weston is the largest producer of french fries in the world. And if you're in the Tri-Cities this Friday, you can get them for free.

Participating large national chains include Arby's , Burger King, Carl's Jr., and Dairy Queen. Local favorites participating are Burger Ranch, Cousins, Ivar's and more.

Hanauer on the sport: "It breaks my heart"

"I think it's headed right to the bottom," he said. "I look at it way too emotionally. It breaks my heart, to see it with no television and virtually no national sponsors. There are only five races."

"I kept screaming for years that there had to be wholesale changes," he said. "The world changes. It's hard. But I think denial is the last nail in the coffin."

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