VIDEO: GOLD CUP FINAL - Great video showing Dave Villwock's trolling start at Gold Cup (VIDEO - Jack Lowe)

100th Gold Cup from Jack Lowe on Vimeo.

VIDEO: U-3 fires up

U-3 unlimited hydroplane piston boat. Allison V-1710 V-12 eninge. Twin Holset HC5A turbos.

Miss Madison actor hurt in weird motorcycle/bike accident

He starred as Jim McCormick on the 2001 movie Madison, about a man's personal struggle to victory in the 1971 Madison Regatta. Now actor Jim Caviezel has been involved in a strange accident while riding his Harley through Washington state.

The Washington State Patrol says actor James Caviezel suffered cuts and bruises when a man hurled a bicycle into the path of his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Trooper Rich Magnussen says the actor was taken Thursday to Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth.

Magnussen says the 40-year-old Caviezel, of Woodland Hills, Calif., was wearing a helmet, and that "it could have been a lot worse." The trooper says he doesn't know why the actor was in the area about 14 miles southeast of this city in north-central Washington.

Caviezel was born in Mount Vernon, Wash. He was treated and later released at Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth. Magnussen says mental issues may be involved in why the 42-year-old Wenatchee man tossed the bike.

Billy Schumacher on Jean Theoret's condition

"Jean is very close, and I think he'll be ready for Seattle," said U-37 owner Billy Schumacher.

"We don't want to rush him, and we were very happy with the job J.W. (Myers) did for us in Detroit."

Dave Villwock on Tri-Cities race site

"I have certainly had great days and bad ones on the Columbia," said U-16's Dave Villwock, "but it's a great race course and race site for us. Besides being close to home, conditions on the course are generally very good, and the shape of the course makes it our version of a super speedway."

VIDEO: Watch the KNDU/SWX Tri-Cities Hydro Race program open - a sneak peek!

Produced by Dave Ratto, ImageSync (Reno, NV) for KNDU-TV. The races will also air on SWX (Sports and Weather Right Now), KHQ-TV's 24/7 sports channel in Spokane.

You can watch the Sunday races in Yakima on KNDO-TV, in Tri-Cities on KNDU-TV, or online at

U-3 hopes to make Tri-Cities race

Preparation for the Lamb Weston Columbia Cup continues at the Go3 Racing Team shop in Posey County. After suffering more engine problems at the Gold Cup in Detroit nearly 2 weeks ago, Ed Cooper and his team have been hard at work in hopes of racing in the Tri Cities this weekend.

Tri Cities Preparation >>

VIDEO: Dr. Ken "scares the grandstand" in Detroit

Brian Perkins on the Tri-Cities course

Brian Perkins: "The Tri-Cities race course is extremely fast. It’s normally pretty calm, so the qualifying speeds are high… fast times in competition, fast lap times."

Water Follies' Mike Denslow on sponsorship of Tri-Cities races

Mike Denslow: "They (Lamb Weston) signed another two year agreement at the end of last year, with a right of first refusal at the end. They have stepped up their involvement, with recycling program throughout the park. They’ve got their own compound. They are bringing in employees from Boise – (their involvement gets) bigger and bigger. Hopefully, it will go on years from there.”

On ticket sales: “We’re doing excellent. We’re a little bit ahead already. All of our private areas are sold out.”

Brian Perkins on fuel restrictions (4.1 vs. 4.3)

Brian Perkins: "The way it’s been described ot me is in acceleration, the overall speed is as fast. They can still be just as fast on the top end, but where it seems to hurt is acceleration. A big heavy boat like I’ve got… it’s an extra 800 pounds you’ve got to get moving."

Jeff Bernard on lane assignments

Jeff Bernard: "I’m not one who likes it. It is what it is. It makes my job really easy because I know what lane I’m in when I go out. I think it gives advantage to a team like Elam that has gear box and propellers (to set up) when they go out.”

Jeff Bernard on Dave Villwock and the Elam team

Jeff Bernard on Dave Villwock and the Elam team: "It’s going to be tough for anyone to beat him in a final heat… unless he gets caught up or something. They’re the Budwesier team of this era. Dave doesn’t mess up in finals. He’s going to be tough to beat at any of these courses.
I’d be surprised to see anyone beat him if he doesn’t screw up."

ULHRA Flathead Lake

UL-72 / Kayleigh Perkins declared winner of ULHRA's Flathead Lake event. Finals were canceled due to weather/water conditions.

SPONSOR ALERT: West Pasco Dental signs on for U-17 for Tri-Cities

Twenty years ago Dr. Greg Frodel never imagined he’d see the name of his dental practice emblazoned on the side of a hydroplane. But if all goes well for the Our Gang Racing Team at next week’s Lamb Weston Columbia Cup, tens of thousands of people will see the West Pasco Family Dental Clinic logo fly by at speeds in excess of 180 miles per hour.
West Pasco Family Dental Gives the Our Gang Hydroplane Racing Team a Reason to Smile >>