Kelowna Hydrofest canceled

Sam Cole, ABRA: "no choice at this time" but to cancel Kelowna. Event organizers site lack of sponsors, costs as reason.

Kelowna event canceled

Breaking... It's official. Kelowna exhibition is canceled, according to ABRA.

PHOTOS: U-16 crew with Gold Cup, Villwock gives it a smooch

PHOTOS: Chris Denslow

VIDEO: Inside the helicopter, over the hydros

Late stepfather is Bernard's co-pilot for Gold Cup

When Jeff Bernard took the front row for the 100th annual Gold Cup on the Detroit River, he felt his stepfather, Terry Troxell, was not far away. Troxell, who was the oldest driver to win a Gold Cup at 57 in 2005, suffered a fatal heart attack June 13.

Competing in the final was a little extra special for Bernard, and he did so in his stepfather's memory. "I have a feeling my stepdad was sitting out there helping me out," he said. "That one's totally for him."

Late stepfather is Bernard's co-pilot for Gold Cup >>

PHOTO: Scary sight at Gold Cup

An F-18 Navy jet passes an apartment building yesterday during a spectacular flyover staged as part of the hugely popular hydroplane races in Detroit.


Villwock on starting strategy

Villwock said the team came up with the perfect setup for the boat. "We
had a setup for high speed, but we had been setting up this morning to go super slow, then go to a high speed," he said. "In the final, we threw them a big changeup. It's a pretty difficult task if I didn't make a perfect start and I didn't get out in front.

"It was an all-or-nothing play."

Wily Villwock wins Detroit's Gold Cup >>