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VIDEO: Valleyfield GP Hydro Heat 1B (July 11, 2009)

Grand Prix Heat 1B Valleyfield 2009 from Michael L Pakradooni on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Valleyfield GP Hydro Heat 1A (July 11, 2009)

Grand Prix Hydroplane Heat 1A Valleyfield 2009 from Michael L Pakradooni on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Gold Cup

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Steve David wants Gold Cup to cap successful career

"If I won this one I could see myself stepping away and coaching someone new. I'm still having a ball, don't get me wrong, but there are some young guys out there who are deserving of the opportunity."

Steve David wants Gold Cup to cap successful career >>

Dr. Ken Muscatel: Multi-tasking at Saturday's Gold Cup

Muscatel, 61, the owner/driver of the U-25 Jarvis Disaster Recovery boat, is a forensic psychologist who lives and works in Seattle. He has been competing in unlimited hydroplane racing since 1990, and in the Gold Cup since 1993.

"I've worked on more than 500 homicide cases," Muscatel said. "I interview defendants and write reports on what I find. I work on reports when I'm on the road. I've been working on one this afternoon."

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Jimmy King will switch engines after damage

"The connecting rod failed and just came out the side of the motor," King said of Saturday's problem. "That engine's gone, but we're going to run the one we had at Madison and that ran real well. "The boat was running well (before problems) and everything builds up to Sunday afternoon."

Jimmy King will switch engines after damage >>

DETROIT GOLD CUP 2009: No more racing on Saturday

Mark Weber, APBA: "We're going to go ahead and shut the course down for today."

"Racing can start as early as 9am (Sunday). We're going to run 2A & B, 3A & B, and the final."

Wind predictions for Sunday look better.

Wind delay...

Heat times pushed back further. Had hoped for 4:45, then for 5:30. Drivers surveyed the course and will meet to decide if/when racing will continue on Saturday.

Heat Draw 2A, 2B

Heat Draw - 2A


Heat Draw - 2B


NOTE: U-22 not assigned to a heat. Not sure why.

UPDATE: reports that Mike Webster cut his hand in the last heat and therefore the U-22 will not race this flight.

Heat 1B Results

  1. U-16 Miss Elam Plus - Dave Villwock
  2. U-25 Jarvis Disaster Recovery - Ken Muscatel
  3. U-100 Leland Racing - Greg Hopp
  4. U-37 Glacial Energy presents Miss DYC - J.W. Myers

    DNF. U-3 Miss Chrysler Jeep - Jimmy King

Heat 1A Results

Heat 1A Results

  1. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison - Steve David
  2. U-7 Graham Trucking - J. Michael Kelly
  3. U-5 - Jeff Bernard
  4. U-17 ActiVwater - Kip Brown
  5. U-48 Whirlpool presents Miss Albert Lee - Brian Perkins
  6. U-22 Matrix System Automotive - Mike Webster (trailer)

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Theoret: Oxygen saturation is very low

"Physically, my lung capacity is quite low right now," Theoret said. "My oxygen saturation is at a minimum. So I walk 5 minutes and have to sit down 5 minutes. They're saying within four weeks I'll probably be at 80 or 85%, and in a couple months I'll probably be 100%."

J.W. Myers subs for Theoret in U-37 after wipeout >>

VIDEO: Mom, twin girls watching hydros need rescue

A man saved a woman and her twin 5-year-old girls after their minivan drove into a Detroit River canal Friday. The mother and her children were in the minivan watching Gold Cup Hydro Plane races moments before the mother backed up and hit a pole. The woman panicked and hit the accelerator, drove off a dock and landed in the river, said police.

VIDEO: Mother, Children Rescued From Canal >>

Heat 1A, 1B Draws

Heat 1A--11:50 am

U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto
U-7 Graham Trucking
U-17 Our Gang Racing
U-48 Whirlpool presents Miss Albert Lee
U-22 Matrix System Automotive (trailer)

Heat 1B-- 12:10 pm

U-3 Miss Chrysler Jeep
U-16 Miss Elam Plus
U-25 Jarvis Disaster Recovery
U-100 Leland Racing
U-37 Glacial Energy presents Miss DYC (trailer)

Detroit scanner frequencies

  • U-1 Oh Boy Oberto Steve David 463.7125
  • U-3 Chrysler Jeep Jimmy King 463.9375* (2008)
  • U-5 Formula Boats Jeff Bernard 469.5750
  • U-7 Grahm Trucking J Michael Kelly 469.6500* (2008)
  • U-16 Elam Villwock 461.4250
  • U-17 Acti Water Kip Brown 468.6500
  • U-22 Matrix Systems Mike Webster 452.1750
  • U-25 Jarvis Dr. Ken 469.2250* (2008) 466.1625?
  • U-37 Miss DYC J.W. Myers 467.8125
  • U-48 Miss Albert Lee Brian Perkins (TBD)
  • U-100 Leland Racing Greg Hopp 464.8125 466.7125* (2008)

Verified 7/10/09.

All listings with asteriks are 2008 un-verfied channels.

  • ABRA 461.2000
  • DRRA 466.2000
  • Rescue Boats 461.250
  • Crane Oporators 463.7125

R. S. Zola
St Clair Shores MI

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