PHOTO: U-16 & Jim Simpson photo gallery

PHOTO: Jim Simpson

PHOTOS: J.W. Myers & U-37

PHOTOS: Jim Simpson

AMAZING PHOTO: U-37 prop flying off

PHOTO: Chris Denslow. Chris said it was a lucky shot that got the prop flying off, but I say to Chris... when you take thousands of pictures, that's not luck... that's skill!

Fastest qualifying laps on Friday

(1) U-16 Miss Elam Plus, Dave Villwock 158.098
(2) U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto, Steve David 157.379
(3) U-5, Jeff Bernard 154.022
(4) U-7 Graham Trucking, J. Michael Kelly 151.992
(5) U-17 Our Gang Racing, Kip Brown 149.763
(6) U-37 Miss DYC, J.W. Myers 149.349
(7) U-100 Leland Unlimited, Greg Hopp 148.424
(8) U-48 Miss Albert Lee, Brian Perkins 143.851
(9) U-25 Superior Racing, Ken Muscatel 139.380
(10) U-22 Matrix System Automotive, Mike Webster 138.060

Still to run: U-3 Chrysler-Jeep, Jimmy King - no streaming this year has provided live streaming P.A. audio from the Gold Cup the past few years. Not this year...

From the website: Due to technical problems this year, MLive won't be live streaming the Detroit APBA Gold Cup weekend on July 11-12

Late afternoon Test Pictures

Starting procedures have been changed for Gold Cup

The unlimited hydroplane owners of the American Boat Racing Association met this morning to discuss and then change the starting procedure for this weekend’s 100th running of the Chrysler Jeep Superstores APBA Gold Cup.

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More Pics from Friday Test Session

Gold Cup Pics Friday Afternoon