U-37 driver for Gold Cup

There's talk that J.W. Myers, current crew chief for Ken Muscatel's U-25, will be in the cockpit of the U-37 for Detroit.

I normally don't pass along rumors, but I've gotten this info from many, many sources... but there's no confirmation. So, take it as it is. And if you can confirm it, please drop me a note. Thanks!

FYI - Myers had seat time in the U-8 (now the U-37), and a win at Madison in 2005 in the Miss Elam.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I originally said Myers won in the U-8, but corrected it here. Thanks for all those that pointed out my mistake! It keeps me honest.

Theoret: Rescue personnel saved his life - "I was going to die..."

Theoret, 47, of Maple Grove, Quebec, remembers little about all that except what he’s been told and seen in photos and videos but the one thing he is sure of is rescue personnel saved his life.“They did a great job,” he said. “I had swallowed the water and I was unconscious. I was going to die.”

However, Theoret also believes there were other powers at work in his ability to survive the crash — a higher being. As a man of sincere faith and devotion to God, Theoret believes the power of prayer also played a huge role in his fate. As rescue workers were fighting to save Theoret’s life, a great many people were also praying for his health and recovery. Theoret has seen prayers answered in the past and believes those prayers were answered on Saturday.

“All those prayers, God heard them and he answered them,” Theoret said.

All those prayers, God heard them and he answered them >>