David: All Oberto/Miss Madison needed was 1/2 mph

"We would have won all day," said (U-1driver Steve) David. "Mind you, I'm running second to him (U-16's Dave Villwock) all day which means I was running his course and that slowed us down. The boat's running great, the Elam's running greater. They literally got us by half-a-mile-an-hour."

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VIDEO: Another view of the U-37 flip

Thanks to Danny Porter and Jim Simpson for making it available to HydroInsider.

Jean Theoret plans to race in Detroit!

From the U-37.com website: The latest word from the crew is that Jean is doing better than expected. Doctors are confident about his recovery as is he. Jean has plans to run in the 100th Gold Cup next weekend.

From ABRA: On Monday (July 6), Theoret was placed in a private room. Theoret is alert and improving rapidly. He is still extremely tired from the medication given to him over the weekend. The doctors are still evaluating and checking on any possible infection that could set in from the ingestion of the Ohio River water.

U-37 update

U-37 is at Clifty Engineering in Madison, Indiana for repairs. Detroit is possible.

PHOTO: Denny Jackson on

PHOTOS: Villwock gets trophy, U-16 gets checkered flag

PHOTOS: Jim Simpson

VIDEO: Interview with Dave Villwock after win, strap on boat breaks

Interview with Dave Villwock after the finals. The loud sound you hear is the strap on his boat breaking and dropping the trailer from about 3 feet.

Mike Webster (U-22) gets in qualification laps, but still needs a few more.

Mike Webster still needs 8 more laps at a speed better than 130 mph to be qualified as a driver. He hopes to get those done in Detroit. Until then, he'll have to start behind the other drivers.

The U-22 did get some laps in and managed to get on the water in Heat 2B on Sunday, but did not finish. The U-22 was scheduled to be in Heat 3A, but couldn't make the call. They asked to move to heat 3B to get more water time, but that request was denied.

PHOTO: U-22's first time on the water in Madison

U-16/Villwock sets record for competition lap in Madison

I could be wrong, but I think Dave Villwock and the U-16 turning a 149.286 average speed in Heat 2-C sets a Madison record for best competition lap.

The previous record was set by JW Myers, also in the U-16, in 2007 @ 148.4987

Complete list of previous Madison records >>