PHOTOS: More Saturday action

From Jim Simpson & James Crisp >>

From Keith Koether >>

PHOTO SEQUENCE: U-37 flip from another angle

Kage has posted the entire sequence of the U-37 flip on the Hydropage main page. It's a different angle from what we'd seen earlier.


A note about the Rescue Crews

The rescue crews are usually unsung heroes, and most of them probably like it that way. But Saturday's flip really shows the importance of training and preparedness. If you watch the video, you can see the rescue crews moving towards the U-37 before the boat had even settled in the water after the wreck.

The crew that got to Jean Theoret was there incredibly fast and got the job done.

To the Madison Safety and Rescue crew, led by Buddy Gaw, and the ABRA Rescue team, Great job, guys!

LINK: Watch video >>

Jean Theoret update

10pm ET

Jean remains in University of Louisville Hospital in the trauma unit. I spoke with Jane Schumacher a little while ago and they have found nothing internal or external as yet after a CAT scan...We're not out of the woods yet, but everyone is seeing a ray of sunshine emerging. He continues to get stronger and improving.

Sam Cole on Hydropage Forum >>

Heat Draws for Sunday racing

Heat 2a
u3 lane 1
u7 lane 2
u5 lane 3
u48 lane 4

Heat 2b
u100 lane 1
u25 lane 2
u22 lane 3

Heat 2c
u1 lane 2
u16 lane 3
u17 lane 4

NOTE: Nobody chose lane 1 for Heat 2C

Jean Theoret Update - 8:35pm ET

Good News: The latest reports are that Jean Theoret's condition has improved considerably since earlier. His injuries are not considered life threatening.

He was considered in critical condition right after the U-37 flipped and had to be intubated on site and put on a ventilator to assist with breathing. He was stablized at King's Daughter's Hospital, where Dr. Edward Sauris upgraded his condition to stable, but guarded. He was then transported by ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital for further evaluation, where he is currently.

PHOTO: Archives

JMK quoted on U-37 flip

"I came through the turn and just saw a big wall of water and I thought it was his roostertail," said (U-7's J. Michael) Kelly. "I never saw any yellow or anything."

NOTE: Kelly was running hard, right behind Theoret going into the turn in Heat 1B.
Photos: Jim Simpson

SLIDESHOW: U-37 flip (Jim Simpson)

Jean Theoret update 6:45pm ET

Jean Theoret listed in stable condition as of 6:45pm ET

PHOTO: U-37 flip in mid-flight

From Facebook: Oh Boy! Oberto Unlimited Hydroplane Mark Campbell, photographer of the Madison Courier was "Johny on the spot" and captured a picture of the U-37 flip.


Theoret condition update

Theoret condition upgraded to stable, but guarded.

Saturday 4:30pm ET.

VIDEO: U-37 flip in Madison

Watch video at >>

Heat 1C Results

Heat 1C Results

  1. U-16 Elam - Dave Villwock
  2. U-17 Activ Water - Kip Brown
  3. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David

Theoret in critical condition

ABRA: Jean Theoret is in critical condition and on a ventilator. He was taken to a local hospital, but now will be airlifted to Louisville.

Heat 1B Results

  1. U-7 J. Michael Kelly
  2. U-48 Brian Perkins
  3. U-22 Mike Webster

    DNF. U-37 Jean Theoret

Theoret flipped in turn one of lap two. ABRA called the race final and opted not to re-run the heat.

Theoret out of capsule; taken to hospital

No word on Jean Theoret's condition. He was pulled out of the capsule and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

U-37 Jean Theoret blow over in Heat 1B

Race stopped. Theoret, leading in second lap, flipped the boat upside down in Heat 1B.

Heat 1A Results


  1. U-5 - Jeff Bernard (400 points)
  2. U-3 Chrysler/Jeep - Jimmy King (300 points)
  3. U-100 Shoreline Propellers - Greg Hopp (225 points)

    DNS. U-25 Ken Muscatel

VIDEO: U-1 runs at Madison

VIDEO: U-22's maiden voyage

U-22 installs cowling

VIDEOS: Joe McCord

Saturday Heats - Lane Picks

U-3 - Lane 1
U-5 - Lane 2
U-100 - Lane 3
U-25 - Lane 4

U-37 - Lane 1
U-7 - Lane 2
U-48 - Lane 3
U-22 - Lane 4 (Rookie - will start behind other boats)

U-1 - Lane 1
U-16 - Lane 2
U-17 - Lane 3

VIDEO: Villwock, David

WHAS Reporter Adam Wasler: "This is Dave Villwick, who came in number one..."
Steve David: "...That's Dave Villwock. He kicked my butt today so you gotta say it properly."