Kelowna Hydrofest Update

If you haven't checked out the Kelowna Hydrofest website, it's worth a look... including some nice desktop wallpaper. Kelowna Hydrofest >>

There's also a hydro hauler and hydro with the Kelowna Hydrofest logo that's making the rounds in Canada to promote the event. Great idea! Read more >>

ABRA News, U-7, U-3, and U-100 Updates

Various news items from

  • Mike Denslow has been named to the ABRA board of directors. Mike is from Tri-Cities, WA and current President of the Water Follies
  • SPONSOR ALERT: Graham Trucking will be the season sponsor for the U-7 with J. Michael Kelly
  • SPONSOR ALERT: Chrysler-Jeep will again sponsor Ed Cooper's U-3 with Jimmy King for Madison and Detroit.
  • The U-100 has a new paint job for 2009. See it here >>