U-787 scheduled for Tri-Cities appearance

The Boeing-sponsored, bio-fuel Unlimited Hydroplane is scheduled to be in Tri-Cities, Washington Water Follies weekend to make an appearance along with Chip Hanauer. The plan is for the hydro to be there Thursday and Friday, before heading back to Seattle to take part in the Seafair parade.

Mini-Wooden Hydroplane Building Workshop

Do you remember the days of building a wooden hydroplane to pull behind your bike? In honor of every Seattleite who has this memory, Seafair is partnering with McLendon Hardware to re-energize this longstanding tradition.

Mini-Wooden Hydroplane Building Workshop >>

VIDEO: Miss Bud 1996 driven by Chip Hanauer

Curt Tavener joins U-100 team as Crew Chief

Curt Tavener, who served as crew chief for the U-13 Spirit of Detroit team for the past several seasons, will serve in the same capacity for the U-100 team along with his brother, Barney.The Taverners have completely refurbished Leland's 1999 hull, which the team will campaign in 2009. The hull does not have the full front canard wing, standard on all current Unlimiteds, but the Leland hull that does have a full canard has linkage problems with the wing that cannot be corrected at this time.


PHOTO: Terry Troxell remembered

Many of us remember the lighter side of Terry, including this candid photo from Patrick Gleason.