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Jim Harvey joins U-100 team

Long time Unlimited crewman, crew chief and onwer Jim Harvey has joined Fred Leland's team in a management capacity, and will oversee the U-100's 2009 Campaign.

Harvey Joins Leland Unlimited >>

ON-BOARD VIDEO: A-24 2.5 litre

Jarvis Racing Team A-24 2.5 liter modified hydroplane. Racing at the Issaquah, WA "Tastin' and Racing" Event June 6-7, 2009.

VIDEOS: Walled Lake

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Race boat builer Dave LeClercq passes away

Dave LeClercq transformed a childhood fascination with boats into a decades-long run as the most productive boat builder for the Alaska fishing fleet. He died June 6 on Mercer Island. He was 93.As a boy growing up in Alki, Mr. LeClercq joined with childhood friends Chuck Hickling and Ted Jones — both later legends of the hydroplane circuit — to build racing boats.

Boat builder Dave LeClercq helped launch Alaska's fishing fleet >>