RADIO PROMO for Tastin' n Racin' hydro races in Seattle area

Sea lions in the restroom

For your enjoyment: Sea lions in Monterey, CA are in abundance right now. One guy went ashore, found a restroom and was found sitting on the toilet. Made for a funny story on our newscast tonight at KION-TV.

VIDEO: Former Unlimited Racing Commission's PR Director teaches at the University of Washington's experimental college

Comedy College >>

Eugene "Mickey" Remund, 76, faces three counts of premeditated attempted murder

A former hydroplane racing champion tried to burn down the Lemon Grove home of his ex-wife while she was sleeping inside and did the same thing at his stepdaughter's residence in Spring Valley, a prosecutor alleged Thursday.

Hydroplane Racer on Trial for Trying to Kill His Ex-Wife >>

ABRA: Great news coming soon...

We have some great news coming soon for this year that will really elevate us in the USA and abroad. It will come soon. We will have a great series, capped by the Oryx Cup/UIM World Championship in Doha, Qatar in November. There could be other venues after that- time and patience will tell.

Sam Cole in an open letter to fans on the ABRA website >>