Kelowna Hydrofest website up and running

A dissenting voice in Kelowna

Editor's Note: Adrian Nieoczym is the health, education and political reporter for the Capital News. Apparently, he's against bringing the Unlimited Hydroplanes back to Kelowna. It's one thing to represent a viewpoint in a story; it's quite another to advocate a viewpoint. If it's an opinion piece or an editorial, that's one thing... but as journalism, it's bad form. And if it is an editorial or opinion piece, it should be labeled as such. At least that's my opinion.

Kelowna wrong to allow revival of hydroplane races >>
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MORE PHOTOS: Moses Lake 2009

Photos: Chris Denslow

PHOTOS: Moses Lake 2009

Photos: Chris Denslow

Moses Lake Regatta 2009

Photos: Chris Denslow

Portsmouth Webcast

Inboard hydro racing on both sides of the country this weekend. The western side is at Moses Lake, Washingtion while the east coasters are racing in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Jack Lowe has his camera up and running at the 8th annual "Power in the Park" Regatta in Portsmouth. Take a look at his webscast at: all day Sunday, April 19.