U-5, U-25, U-17, U-48/U-50 Updates

Some recents reports from Kirk Pagel via the E-RCU.org website:

  • U-5: Both boats will be taken to Kelowna for the August exhibition, but the U-5 will carry the FormulaBoats.com company banner for most of the race season. Driver Jeff Bernard spoke recently about the boat & team. "We have 8 motors to start the season."

  • U-25: Dr. Ken Muscatel has hired J.W. Meyers as crew chief for the 2009 season. There’s even talk J-Dub may do a little of the driving.

  • U-17: Owner Nate Brown says he could make an eastern swing this year, with some sponsor money. The team has been “acquiring” spare parts for all applications.

  • U-48/U-50: Albert Lee Appliances has signed on with Greg O’Farrell to be a major sponsor for one his two boats.