Inboard Hydroplane Racing - Active Competitors

This was created to be a list of the active competitors in 2009 for each class from the Inboard Hydroplane Racing website >>

Tri-Cities hydro race memories...

"My first (hydroplane) race in the Tri-Cities was the most memorable. After qualifying, they had an annual tradition of a wet T-shirt contest on the back of a flatbed truck in the back of the pits. It was a beautiful thing. I wrote my story for the day, had a few beers and watched. Lovely girls flaunted their bodies, and then one took her wet T-shirt off. This prompted a bunch of woo-hoos and one boo-hoo. A kid ran up to the truck crying "Mommy, mommy!" That kind of put a wet blanket on the wet T-shirt contest."

Go 2 Guy's guest blog on Seafair, the hydros and Blue Angels >> (2007)