PHOTOS: Flip at APBA Event

Normally at Lawrence Lake in Yelm, Seattle Inboard Racing Associations record course almost begs for speed and we always see it. This year was no different… almost, we usually see the Inboard hydroplanes pushing the envelope and occasionally catching enough air to flip. This year it was the outboard hydroplanes that took to the edge.

Troy Holmburg was the second of two boats that went over this weekend with two inboard hydroplanes nearing the edge but not quite.

Jeff Bernard, pilot of the U-5 driving the National Mod NM33, was one of those near the edge.
From: Karl Fortner

APBA Boat Racing School update

The goal of the APBA Driving School is to remove the barriers of entry into power boat racing. The School offers prospective new racers the thrill of race boat driving before they invest in equipment. In one weekend, at low cost and low risk, a fan can become a driver and experience the Ride of a lifetime!

Here are links to key documents [ PDF Files ]:

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Application Form >>

VIDEO: Troy Holmberg flips on Lake Lawrence

From the APBA event this past weekend in Yelm, WA. Video by Walt Ottenad, via youtube.


On-board video of Kyle Lewis in the Revolution on Lake Lawrence. Video by Walt Ottenad via youtube.


VIDEO: Walt Ottenad, via youtube