VIDEO: 2008 GP Nationals in Chelan, WA

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CHELAN, Wash. - Wow!! What a day. Especially for Marty Wolfe. All the way from Illinois, and he made the trip worth while. He won the "whole ball of wax" -- the Grand Prix National High Points for the whole season, and the Grand Prix National Championship.

The first heat was all Greg Hopp in the Graham Trucking-Happy Go Lucky-Pumptech. Unfortunately Greg jumped the gun. Not by much, but he did.

Jeff Bernard followed his San Diego Unlimited win with a strong second place in the heat driving Bob Schellhase's Mill Bay Casino. Greg finished third.

In the final, Dustin Echols appeared to be the winner, but he was penalized for bearing out. The deck to deck show lap after lap between Dustin and Marty Wolfe had the crowd on pins and needles. After the excitement was over the referees made their ruling.

Marty Wolfe -- Great guy, fast boat, and Grand Prix Champion Results

1 GP-93 Trafficade-Wolfe Racing Special Marty Wolfe
2 GP-12 Mill Bay Casino Jeff Bernard
3 GP-15 Graham Trucking GT-Happy Go Lucky-PumpTech
DNF GP-17 Shuck's Auto Supply presents Miss Ted's Red Apple
DNF GP-18 Baker Equipment-Blockhead Machine

1 GP-93 Trafficade-Wolfe Racing Special Marty Wolfe
2 GP-12 Mill Bay Casino Jeff Bernard
3 GP-17 Shuck's Auto Supply presents Miss Ted's Red Apple
DNF GP-15 Graham Trucking GT-Happy Go Lucky-PumpTech
DNS GP-18 Baker Equipment-Blockhead Machine

Source: Jerry Hopp

VIDEO: Hopp Racing sets Kilo straight away records

The event is run one boat at a time. The boat numbers, all classes, are drawn out of a hat. First number picked is first on the water. The course is a surveyed kilometer, about 5/8's of a mile. You get a flying start at the course. A timing devise is triggered when you enter the timing traps and another devise is triggered when you exit the traps.

The speed is timed in one direction through the measured kilometer. A run in the opposite direction is then timed and the average of the two runs is the recorded speed for the run. You can make two down and back runs in any "heat" without coming back to the dock and the speed will be the average of any down and back consecutive legs.

Every boat gets to run their heat. At the end of the session, time allowing, the next heat section is run starting at the top of the boat draw list.

Hopp Racing sets KILO run records: FULL STORY AND STATS >>

Revised U-1 on-boat logo

This is what the Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison will be sporting this season.

U-17 Our Gang Racing Update

Some great updates to the U-17 Our Gang Racing website, including a sequence of photos from Chris Denslow showing Kip Brown getting some air in the Tri-Cities during 2008.

Photo Sequence:

Also, updated cowlings for the 2009 racing season. View here >>

SPONSOR ALERT: Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's BBQ is now the Official Caterer of Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association events. At select ULHRA events in 2009, Famous Dave's BBQ will be served to ULHRA series and team guests in the ULHRA Hospitality centers.


Behind-the-scenes at

A couple of people have asked me why we didn't post the full details about ABRA dropping the San Diego races right when it happened. In case you're interested, here's the story...

I had written an article in early March about the possibility that the deal with SD to race the unlimiteds wouldn't happen. The money and sponsorships the race site needed to make it happen weren't coming through. I was waiting to hear confirmation back on all of this when the ABRA decision came out.

I got the confirmation by email just as I got off a boat in the San Francisco harbor, en route to touring the Alcatraz Prison. I was able to post a couple of short emails here, and then went inside a concrete prison with no internet access.

Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of hydros? Anyway, the full story's now posted:

Unlimited Hydroplanes will not race in San Diego in 2009 >>