ULHRA adds German camera company as sponsor for 2009


And the Voice exclaims, "Side by side and so close they look like one boat" into the microphone. The crowd of spectators leans heavily against the fence to catch a view as the contenders power slide around the last corner and hurtle deck to deck past the last exit buoy. Bounding from sponson to sponson the two hydroplanes remain inches apart from each other as the fans strain on tip toe to get a better view. The weight of the crowd actually bends fence stanchions as the official waves the heralded checkered flag to christen the winner. Thunder resonating from thousands of horsepower blends with the cheers from the fans as the first boat soars over the finish line.

Who won? Who cares? A close contest is what competition is all about. Minox cameras (pronounced MEE-NOCKS) is a camera company joining the Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association in continuing the encouragement of just that type of marine motorsports. Parity on the race course has become a hallmark of the ULHRA and a constant source of pride amongst the individual teams and fans. Sponsors like Minox want to help the fans capture that quality of contest with excellent equipment. In addition to that, Minox has created a brand new award that will actually reward drivers for racing that way.

Most racing fans are acquainted with the “photo finish " which implies that a contest was so close at the finish line that it took the careful scrutiny of a photograph by officials to determine the winner. At every regatta on the ULHRA 2009 national circuit, Minox will award a model 8022WP camera to the driver who wins the closest finish in first place.

The “Minox Photo Finish Award " will be presented at each race after the determination is reached by a small panel of officials appointed to the task. All participating classes of hydroplanes and all heats of racing at ULHRA-sanctioned events qualify for consideration.

Source: ULHRA, Muncey Marketing