Watch JMK compete live in New Zealand races on Sunday, Jan 18

From Ned Dawson:

For all those who can't be in New Zealand to watch J.Michael Kelly and the rest of the teams compete in the UIM GP Hydros race then here is the next best thing. Speedbox is broadcasting the race live on the internet so you can watch it. The whole day only costs you $9.95 NZD (which is about $5.00 US) and they even have live help desk if you have any problems.

Hear it direct from J. Michael Kelly does the luge in New Zealand

U-13's J. Michael Kelly is reporting from New Zealand as he prepares to race in the UIM GP boat races.

We went and did the luge yesterday and I would have to say that we definitely need to bring this back home. I even used a helmet cam so we got some cool footage of us screaming down the hill.
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